Strange Turn Of Events: Obama Is Skipping Scalia’s Funeral, THEY’RE Sending Biden And His Wife Instead?.


Obama has reported he is passing up Justice Scalia’s funeral.

He and Michael will pay a visit to the justice while he lies in repose at the Great Hall on Friday, but he is not even going to show up at the guy’s actual funeral. They are sending Biden and his wife as an alternative.

By comparison:

The most recent member of the Supreme Court to die was Chief Justice William Rehnquist in 2005. In that instance, President George W. Bush not only attended the funeral, he also eulogized Rehnquist, who had been nominated to the court by Richard Nixon.

Obama does not even have to play along nowadays, it being his last year and all, but still. Is there a more blatant kind of disrespect within the bounds of polite society?

Obama criticized over decision to skip Scalia’s funeral

Guess Obama is too busy picking out Scalia’s replacement so he can successfully own a third of the Supreme Court for life. Oh, and he boasts now in retrospect he feels bad that he filibustered George W. Bush’s nomination of Alito back in 2006 when Obama was a senator, but he also boasts somehow that is totally different than these days when Obama is about to be the president who has gotten to nominate a third of the Supreme Court for life (via Politico):

“The president considered the qualifications and world view and credentials and record of the individual that President Bush put forward and then-Sen. Obama raised some objections,” Earnest said.

Holy crap. What about the “world view” of Kagan and Sotomayor and anyone who Obama picks next? How is that going to have an effect on the country?

It’s only been 3 days since and already Republicans are backing off of their assurance to challenge whoever Obama chooses to take the place of Scalia by the way.

The concept that Supreme Court justices are nominated for life is crazy.

On the other hand, Scalia was embalmed within 24 hours of his death, making any possible autopsy results worthless which is alright, because they were not ever going to execute one anyway.

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