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BREAKING: Trump Might Be Skipping March 3 Fox News Debate. Could Be Rumor But Looking More Legitimate Every Hour

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Donald Trump is skipping Thursday’s scheduled Fox News debate. Whoa!

Caveat: I cannot vouch for the complete veracity of this report at this point, but it is yuuuuuuge news if factual, and would shake up this unconventional presidential election even more.

Independent Free Press may very well have a detail here. Nevertheless, in vetting the report, I could find only 1 semi-corroborating account. Based on New York magazine, a highly credible source, “At least one Fox on-air personality reports hearing that Trump was ready to skip the debate. ‘Rumor has it if he does well tomorrow (Super Tuesday) he’s then going to blow it off,’ a politics contributor told me yesterday. When told of the possibility, one of the network’s hosts simply stated, ‘Wow.’

Fox spokesperson Irena Briganti did not reply to a request for feedback.”

I hope this is real and The Donald does skip Thursday’s spectacle concealed as a presidential debate, where gotcha’ inquiries are Fox News standard operating procedure.

What does Trump have to gain from taking part in this spectacle? Nothing but partisan potshots and anguish. The only ones who stand to gain by Trump’s participation in Thursday’s debate are the assclowns at Fox News, who will obtain millions in ratings and advertising money.

What does Trump gain from participating in the debate? Nothing! He is already waaaaaay ahead in nearly all of the polling. In the latest national polling from CNN/ORC (2/29/16), Trump leads by a massive 33 points nationally, with 49%, to second-place Rubio’s 16%. He may as well pass-up the debate and do something more meaningful, like another Wounded Warriors function. A night off for dinner with his gorgeous family would be more meaningful, and The almighty understands The Donald could use a break, even if for just a few hours.

2016 Republican Primary
CNN/ORC International

February 24-27, 2016

427 Republican and Republican-leaning independent voters

Margin of error: +/- 5.0

R Donald Trump 49%
R Marco Rubio 16%
R Ted Cruz 15%
R Ben Carson 10%
R John Kasich 6%
Someone else 3%
None/No one 1%
No opinion 1%

From The Independent Free Press

In a shift that will rage neocons in the media, Donald Trump will skip out on the next Fox News debate where Megyn Kelly is scheduled to be one of the moderators. Trump is anticipating to win a vast majority of Super Tuesday primary states and as outlined by inside campaign sources, there is no reason to keep on doing debates that are set up like food fights and world wrestling federation activities.

The campaign thinks it serves no purpose to send Donald Trump into another ambush. There is real proof that the moderators which includes Kelly, plan to begin a narrative about something in Trump’s past business dealings. The details has been intentionally taken out of context and may be completely fabricated.

Fox News has now had a history of utilizing false or misleading facts to frame questions that deliberately take the candidate or their views out of context. Fox can also be coordinating with other media outlets and so-called conservative talk radio services.

In recent days, Glenn Beck has signaled that he wishes to be aligned with Megyn Kelly in an effort to damage Trump enough to permit Hillary Clinton to win the democratic nomination untouched. Everyone engaged knows that there is no path to the nomination for Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz unless of course a nuclear media bomb is dropped on Donald Trump.

Trump insiders have explained to The Independent Free Press that you will observe a massive anti-Trump propaganda campaign being unleashed on Super Tuesday leading up to the Fox debate. But without Donald Trump, the debate will almost be a moot point unless all of the candidates on stage choose to help Fox in their attempts to damage Trump.

The Trump strategy is to stay above the fray and stay on message. There will be more data on this report as it becomes obtainable.

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