95 Survival Hints For When The SHTF: “Transport These. Do This. And Don’t Ever…”


Here is a effective barrage of oftentimes non-traditional survival tips for when the worst arises.

Some are beneficial supplies to bring along, others are simple tips you need to learn and practice before the circumstances gets real.

These concepts may help you stay alive, prevent losing heat and sweating, stay hydrated and set up shelter, fire and food:

45 Survival/SHTF Tips!

Would you transport your bug out bag supplies in a guitar case to throw off suspicion, or remember aluminum foil as a basic fire starting barrier to moist or wet ground? Remember the way to create sparks when you need to start a fire while not wasting too much useful time?

What about homemade ballistic protection? Or a hobo fishing kit and toothpaste for bug bites? Glow sticks to catch the attention of rescue crews? Don’t forget first aid basics and cigarettes for barter, or also consider, bug repellent.

Most understand the basics of water treatment, but carrying bleach, charcoal and/or tablets is a have to for your bug out bag. This video will remind you not to wash wounds or broken skin in sketchy or untreated water, as infection could result.

50+ Wilderness Survival Tips!

Add a foil blanket inside a tarp or tent structure, and boost the heat generated and kept in the short-term shelter – now a “super” shelter. Ponchos can turn into a shelter, block rain, or gather rain water for additional drinking sources.

There are many other basic tips and supplies you’ll want to consider about ahead of time – think about these factors, and utilize them to upgrade and improve your preps and plans. Think ahead, practice and train – well before the SHTF.

Have some tips that weren’t covered in the video, or have it beat? Please share and discuss below.

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