The John Moore Radio Show: Thursday, 3 March, 2016

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John Moore initially fought terrorism in 1967. He is still combating it today.
Walking patrol in Vietnam, at night, alone, he looked for terrorist booby traps. He looked for terrorist bombs in his jeep and witnessed what happened to those who did not find them.

J.R. flew 57 combat missions (as a crew member) over Vietnam and Cambodia, many of those getting hit by enemy gunfire.
John went on to join the Green Berets at Fort Bragg where he trained to invade the Middle East. He also did classified research of Middle-East terrorists for the Special Forces.

Special operations, covert operations, psychological operations, undercover operations, surveillance operations, bodyguard for executives and stars like Ambassador Alan Keyes, Jane Fonda (John initially turned turned down the assignment. After understanding he could stop collateral damage to innocent parties, he agreed on the assignment.)

Charleton Heston and Pat Buchanan, private investigator and homicide detective: these are the jobs that have kept J.R. busy..
John has seen the effects of terrorism first hand. He has heard the cries of the wounded and smelled the smoke of the bombs.

In analysis delving into the issue of Planet “X”, aka Nibiru, he has questioned dozens of US Navy submarine and surface fleet veterans on the topic of rapid global sea level rise, gleaning information from the questions he asks, questions the main stream media is afraid to ask. His inspective prowess has allowed him to create two major videos on the subject of Planet “X”; videos that are backed up by thorough research, recorded history and scientific fact.

John Moore also broke the story in the alternative media on the actual cessation of the Gulf Stream in June of 2010. Through his meticulously cultivated ties with noted domestic and international scientists and with mastered academics, he was able to bring to the public’s attention the possibly devastating effects of current’s termination off of the coast of Cape Hatteras. Unfortunately, the Winters of 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 have borne out his fore-stated hypothesis of bitterly cold winters afflicting the UK and much of Western Europe.

At the moment, John uses his knowledge to help others be safe from terrorism. The author of a book on personal security, the designer of a seminar on video about being safe from terrorism, John is showing up on talk shows around the country.

With his book and videos, you can now have John Moore as your personal bodyguard teacher. Learn and listen well, IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE.     Be AWARE and be PREPARED, FEAR is not an option. Be safe everyone…

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