Hillary Clinton’s False Hope On The Email Scandal

Surely, Hillary Clinton desires for a joyful finish to the infuriating sequence of primaries and caucuses that have already exhausted her. She hopes to be the Presidential Nominee of the Democratic Party this year. She wants to be elected president. These desires and wants are reasonable possibilities in her own mind.

Nevertheless if she is wanting with regard to the conclusion to her legal woes. That is a false hope and she knows it.

Hillary’s false hope on the email scandels

The unremitting barrière of harmful legal news for Clinton, continues to be relegated to below-the-fold stories. This is due to the primary news position of the presidential primary contests. This also must possibly keep her and her lawyers up late at night. Not to forget, during the presidential race; that her husband continues to be arguing with military veterans at her political rallies, and Marco Rubio and Donald Trump have been mocking each other’s body parts. There is also a collection of inquisitive developments that recently occurred in the Clinton email scandal.

It is actually fair for you to call this a scandal simply because it is composed of the general public revelation of the private and almost certainly criminal mishaps of the nation’s chief diplomat for the duration of President Barack Obama’s first term in office. Clinton’s job as Secretary of State was to keep secrets. Preferably, she revealed them to friend and foe. The exposure of state secrets, possibly deliberately or negligently, indicates the crime of espionage. For the Secretary of State to have committed espionage is definitely, quite merely, scandalous.

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I am not responding to just a selection of emails. At this point, the State Department has uncovered the existence of more than two thousand email messages on her private server which contained state secrets, and 4 that have been select access privilege, or SAP. The SAP e-mails involve special codes to be able to access them. The codes alter continually, and a small number of people in the government have the codes. SAP is a sub-category regarding “top secret,” and it constitutes the maximum level of protected secrecy. For the utmost protection of the government’s gravest secrets. It is unheard of for SAP-level data to stay in a non-secure, vulnerable venue. Yet that is where Clinton caused four SAPs to reside.

Clinton’s allies in the State Department have perpetrated the belief that the two thousands emails were being recently upgraded to echo their secret contents. That is untrue. The emails contain secret status by virtue of their material, not due to the fact of any markings on them. Hillary Clinton had a legal responsibility to acknowledge state secrets when she saw them, no matter their markings or non-markings. On her first day on the job, she swore under oath that she acknowledged and understood that legal obligation and she guaranteed to comply with it. She did not comply.

There are newly discovered emails revealed that Clinton emailed about the location of drone strikes. By their very nature, these kinds of emails contain state secrets. They was comprised of state secrets when she received them; they contained them when she sent them; and they contain state secrets today.

This past weekend, Gen. Michael Hayden, earlier known as director of the CIA and of the National Security Agency, said on CNN that it is a near certainty that the Russian government and others had access to Clinton’s non-secure server and all it contained.

Lawyers that are familiar with the terminology of state secrets refrains from utilizing the word “classified” to illustrate the emails that contained state secrets, even though Clinton repeatedly does that. The word “classified” is not a legal term; rather, it is taken from the verb “to classify,” and it implies that the classification process has been completed.

Since absolutely nothing is marked “classified” – the legal markings are “confidential,” “secret” and “top secret” . Clinton continues to be materially deceiving the public and the FBI when she claims that she never sent or received anything “marked classified.”

By saying that, she wants us to believe that in more than two thousand occasions, she failed to ascertain the presence of state secrets in emails she received or sent. No voter but the most hardened supporter, no federal prosecutor, no FBI agent and no juror will believe that.

The FBI investigation process is heading to its logical conclusion, and the judge who ordered the State Department to release all of Clinton’s emails also has ordered that her top State Department aides submit to oral depositions examinations under oath. Before trial in the Freedom of Information Act litigation delivered by Judicial Watch against the State Department.


He directed the Judicial Watch lawyers to conclude whether there was a conspiracy in the secretary of state’s office to violate federal law. If those lawyers find evidence of such a conspiracy, they may then try to get the oral examination of Clinton herself.

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This search for a conspiracy will certainly take Clinton down the road to perdition. Basically, to the end of her hopes. Alongside that road are guidelines to a subordinate to divert all her government emails through her private server. On the side of that road are emails educating her aides to remove “secret” markings from documents and resend the documents to her via a non-secure fax machine.

On that road are emails exposing the names of secret undercover intelligence assets, the locations of North Korean nuclear facilities, the transcripts of telephone conversations among foreign intelligence agents, and the travel strategies of then-U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens in the days prior to he murder.

Democrats who engage in Clinton’s “false hopes” will do so at their peril. Do they really want to know of her future status as a criminal defendant before they complete their nominating process? Or do they, like her, assume that they can just expect that all this will go away?

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