PLANET X UPDATE: Scientist Search For NIBIRU Amidst CMB From Big Bang

The Search Is On For PLANET X!

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Pursuing the announcement in January that there was currently research supporting a yet hidden planet, Planet Nine, we are now discovering just how the best and brightest are planning on narrowing down the search for the planet many, myself included, are tagging NIBURU/PLANET X!

Enter Nicolas Cowan of McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He and his crew have come up with the hypothesis that to find this may be easier than first thought – we should search for radio signals that the planet itself is emitting!
Radio waves? You suggest T.F.R. is booming out on Niburu?
Well, don’t get to thrilled, it’s not quite as woo as that, but it’s without a doubt exciting.

Evidence of a Ninth Planet

The reason we are yet to observe it is because of the distance from the Sun and the reality that so little light reflects off it. If this planet is out there, and it is the size that was foretold by Kanstantin Batygin & Mike Brown, 10x the mass of the Earth, then it may continue to retain some small trace of the heat from its very formation!

Neptune & Uranus are 2 examples of planets that do just this, and with this understanding scientists can today search for millimeter-length radio waves, in a similar way to the experiments that observe and monitor the CMB – Cosmic Microwave Background. It’s the reality that they are hunting in this way, for such a specific signature, that implies we may already actually have the information that shows Niburu/Planet X/Planet Nine already because of the amount of telescopes and experiments dedicated to the CMB in the first place.

A new 9th planet for the solar system?

It may just be a case of a team of astronomers somewhere already holding the key to its location, and in the interim, scientists at the south pole can limit the search by utilizing the information from Batygin & Brown to search on specific parts of its orbit.
Talking of Mike Brown, you may keep in mind, this is a guy that loves himself for killing of Pluto’s “planetary status”.


He even refers to himself @plutokiller on twitter! Whats fascinating is that if he had not killed Pluto, this would have been Planet Ten. Ten in Roman numerals is what? X! He would practically have announced the discovery of something that us conspiracy analysts have faced ridicule for mentioning in the past.

There is another contending concept out there on how exactly we can search for the exact location of this mysterious unobservable planet. Agnes Fienga of the Nice Observatory in France and her crew have been going through swathes of information from NASA’s Cassini mission in the hope that it my come across the needle in this cosmic haystack.

Cassini is the NASA probe that has delivered back information from Saturn and its many moons for over 10 years currently. Astronomers are utilizing radio-ranging data coming from the probe to build a model of the motion of the all the large bodies out there in the solar system.

Fienga and her staff incorporated the information from Planet X and fed it into the model – this eliminated approx. half of the speculated orbital paths, narrowing the search by half!

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On the other hand look for pulling, perturbation on the other known bodies out there to do this.

Lastly, this is where we can go back to the woo, a little like, kinda, because Cowan indicates we should label it after the recently deceased pop-star David Bowie. The announcement of its discovery coincided with the release of Bowie’s last, parting album, Blackstar!

He wants to name it “Bowie”, but regrettably for him, the naming of any new planetary bodies goes to the International Astronomical Union and they point out that although it’s a nice idea and tribute to a pop-idol that often referred to the stars, the recognised and preferred choice is to go for something that refrences ancient mythology.

What did Cowan have to say of this….

“I guess you could argue that maybe he is a mythological creature” speaking of Bowie.

Blackstar might be more suitable for the unseen giant.

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