SAS And FBI Prepare For ISIS Dirty Bomb Attack At Top British Landmarks

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THE SAS and FBI have joined up with British security forces to get ready for ‘dirty bomb’ attacks at famous London landmarks over fears ISIS is developing a new generation of explosives to claim thousands of lives.


SAS and SBS capability under mass terror threat tested

Lord’s cricket ground, disused buildings near Lambeth Palace and buildings close to the MI6 headquarters close to the Thames were turned into warzones as the world’s top security experts tested their strength against nuclear attacks.

Bomb disposal specialists from the UK were joined by SAS and Special Boat Servies (SBS) as well as American FBI agents, Navy seals and Delta force to get ready for potential devastating attacks in Britain.

The aim of the test was to observe how security forces would manage if confronted with a new generation of explosive.

Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are being made that are “far more” deadly than those utilized against British Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.


MI6 HQ was one of the sites where a mock bomb was hidden for the SAS and FBI

Both British and American security services have acquired intelligence indicating Islamic terror groups are working on developing a new generation of bombs, recruiting chemists and electronics specialists to help them.

A source shared with the Times: “High-profile targets were chosen to bring more drama to the exercise.

“The bombs were incredibly sophisticated.

“Once the bomb was discovered the teams had to make an assessment of the threat to nothm the bomb disposal officer and the building.

“They had to establish what its primary function was, either an explosive or a dirty bomb, designed to contaminate an area.


Lord’s was descended on by SAS and FBI agents

“The teams were working against the clock but it wasn’t jut a race against time. They also had to make the right decision and go through the whole threat assessment process.

“Everyone was working outside their comfort area. It was designed to test the teams in ways they had never been tested before. These bombs made the stuff we’ve seen in Afghanistan look like toys.”

For the training four ten-strong teams raced to locate and disarm “notional” highly explosive packages which enclosed chemical and radioactive materials.

One package is mentioned to have contained a suicide vest with a timer which had to be neutralised first prior to bomb being defused.

Another mock bomb stored radioactive material and was fitted with anti-tampering devices.

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