North Korea Threatens ‘Nuclear Strike Of Justice’ Against America And Seoul

North Korea threatens 'nuclear

Pyongyang denounces a articulation military exercise by the United States and South Korea, however cyber attacks or cannon strikes are observed as the probal  methods of retaliation

North Korea threatened to launch “indiscriminate” nuclear strikes on South Korea and America on Febuary, 29 2016 as the 2 allies initiated their largest-ever military exercises.


The arrangement for a “pre-emptive nuclear strike of justice” has been announced in a announcement from the Korean People’s Army, yet experts imagine that virtually any retaliation for Exercises Foal Eagle and Key Resolve would certainly be more likely to take the shape of cyber attacks or artillery bombardments.

Daniel Pinkston said, “this is the wrong time for the North to attack,”, an analyst with The International Crisis Group in Seoul, aimed out that the United States has mobilized fifteen thousand troops for the exercises while South Korea is fielding a further three hundred thousand personnel. “Primarily, this declaration is for the domestic audience and it feeds into the rhetoric surrounding the sacrifices their citizens are having to make,” he said. Mr. Pinkston included that if North Korea utilized nuclear weapons or launched a pre-emptive attack, the “retaliation would be absolutely devastating and everyone would support that response – even China and Russia”.

The director of the Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies at Temple University,
Robert Dujarric, , mentioned the fact that a nuclear first-strike would likely be “suicide” for the regimen of Kim Jong-un, even though the young dictator does have a number of possible courses of action open to him.

New North Korean Video shows US targets for Nuclear Attack!

“There is the possibility of cyber-attacks against targets in the South or further afield, as we have seen in the past, they could carry out artillery bombardments of the South’s islands off the west coast of the peninsula, or they could arrest more American tourists and effectively hold them to ransom,” .

In February, state media showed footage of a tearful Frederick Otto Warmbier, an American visitor, admitting to stealing a sign from his hotel in Pyongyang. Mr. Dujarric stated, “There are many things the North can do that fall just short of the point at which they can expect to be on the receiving end of real retaliation”.


North Korea threatens 'nuclear

The United States as well as South Korea has in addition begun official discussions on the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System (THAAD). Right after watching its northern neighbor ideal some sort of assortment of ballistic missiles along with testing 4 nuclear weapons . South Korea asked America to supply the THAAD system to shield as much of the country as possible.Nonetheless the arrival of this exceptionally advanced missile shield on the Korean Peninsula would likely change the military sense of balance in East Asia. The THAAD system wouldn’t only be a safeguard against North Korea’s nuclear arsenal, however , against China’s as well.

Therefore, China is convinced that any deployment of THAAD in South Korea would likely reduce the dissuasive power of its own nuclear weapons. The professor of Chinese Studies at King’s College London Kerry Brow said, “China would view this as a direct threat. It would be a great escalation. The problem is that the system would have a huge capacity and South Korea is to China what Cuba is to America.”


The United States has responded to China’s protests by advocating Beijing to rein in North Korea. In the course of its history, the North Korean program continues to be dependent on Chinese aid. The most recent sign of Chinese exasperation with its client program was the passage of United Nations Resolution 2270 on Wednesday, 3/12/2016. Impacting more challenging sanctions on North Korea.


The United States and South Korea may perhaps be using the possible deployment of THAAD as leverage against China. “It would be away of the US placing massive pressure on China to do something about North Korea,” said Prof Brown.

So, be awear of what happens next. World War 3 is on its way. Unless we can stop it from happening.

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