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Video Of The Day – Carrier Employees Responds To Being Told Their Jobs Are Heading To Mexico


You could have actually viewed the following video, but if you have not, it is an complete must watch. It personalizes the pain and frustration being experienced across these United States as executives throw individuals on the street in order to increase earnings per share by a couple of cents. It also clarifies why both Donald Trump and Sanders continue to perform so well in the primaries, and why the populist revolt in America is just getting started.

Carrier Employees React to Being Informed Their Jobs Are Going to Mexico

Trump and Sanders are both truly insistent in their opposition to fake free trade deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), although Hillary Clinton only lately pretended to be against it. In my thoughts, undoubtedly that if elected President Clinton will positively advocate for the TPP as soon as she’s in office. After all, she created 45 public statements praising the proposed deal from 2010-2013. She only came out against it after polling pointed out it was a losing position in the Democratic primary.


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