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It’s Hillary Clinton v Donald Trump: Let The Real Contest Begin. Ted Cruz Just Got Slaughtered At The Polls


The election currently almost certainly comes down to Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump. Ted Cruz just got slaughtered at the polls, just 24 hours after announcing he’s all-in for Monsanto and the biotech industry.

On the other hand, Bernie Sanders continually gets trounced by the criminally corrupt Hillary Clinton, who was the DNC nominee from the beginning (it was already locked in).

The GOP establishment, at the same time, is betraying its own promises and currently threatens to attempt to hijack the Republican convention, nullify its own voters and place a GOP favorite into the nominee position. This shows the total fraud of the entire GOP nomination process in the first place and probably will accelerate the total suicide of the GOP party (which today has near-zero credibility with voters).


It’s now Clinton vs. Trump: Ted Cruz just got slaughtered at the polls

America’s political, academic, business, and media elites will kick off studies attempting to fully grasp why Americans have lost faith in their leaders and their institutions. The majority of them will come to acknowledge with President Obama: Americans distrust our leaders because our leaders devote too little effort to explaining their greatness in terms that average Americans can grasp. Their own failings, or the gaping chasm between elite and average concerns, are unlikely to enter their thinking.

Taken together, America is sailing towards an election that no one desires. The Democratic Party will nominate a candidate most Democrats hate because their game is rigged. The Republican Party will nominate a candidate most Republicans hate because their game is not. It’s a wonderful advertisement for liberal democracy.


There may still be time to stop this train wreck, but we are sailing at full speed into some dangerous curves.

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