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The U.S. Government Taking Over American Citizens

Remember when Ronald Reagan was President? In his first week of his term, He said “If you decide not to choose to vote, you have still made a choice”.


President Reagan also said, “Our time is now”.  Look at us now.  Why are we allowing this new so called government over rule the constitution? I also remember our 40th president saying in an address to America “Our time is now. Our moment has arrived.” Adding, “We stand together shoulder to shoulder, in the thickness of the fight. If we carry the day and turn the tide, we can hope that as long as men speak of Freedom and those who have protested it; they will remember us and they, here were the brave and here their place of honor. “How come this generation is afraid of America’s new so called government?




In a recent interview, Matt Schlap, chairman of the America Conservative Union, stated,” With everything that is going on in the world, our focus as a country is really on the wrong things”. In 2014 Jim DE Mint, a former Republican Senator from South Carolina, stated, “the one way for us to change our government is for We The People to remember that the solutions to America’s problems will not come from Washington, but from the little platoons all around us that must be freed from the one size fits all federal government straight jacket”.

I have witnessed Americans unite around core ideas of our founding and our success. Such as, the ideas of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, tradition values, a strong national defense and once again unite.  I completely agree with these ideas. And I am not a conservative.  To me, this should be everyone’s not just conservatives’.




Look at where the United States is now.  The citizens are turning heads when the government officials commit crimes. Example: Nixon with Water Gate. We the People of the United States made him resign. Robert J. Kennedy Jr., came forwards about the government when his Uncle, President John F. Kennedy was president. His uncle was assassinated too!

In today’s times, so called  and his hidden scheme. Hitlery Clinton aka Hillary Clinton, she is only getting a slap on her wrist. For the Felonies she committed as Secretary Of state. It seems to be that to the fact that she is married to x President Bill Clinton our government is afraid of her. It is bizarre how today’s government REFUSE to hold other Government Officials accountable for their crimes .And , “over rule” Americans, “We The People”. As well as, The United States Constitution. I call it a 3 decade old rotten donkey manure New World Order (NOW).




The government is supposed to answer to us, abide by the United States Constitution, and the values that our four fathers created.

Today the so called U.S. government and political parties are making the citizens of America choose between a blunt, yet honest billionaire Republican Donald Trump, and a Democratic with Felonies Hillary Clinton.  So far, these two are ahead in their primaries. Our government is not allowing us to make our own “healthy choices”. So what is wrong with standing up for American rights, the constitution, and justice for all?


There’s Nothing More Valuable Than Knowledge.

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