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So It Commences: Donald Trump Launches Aggressive Attack Ad Against Hillary Clinton


The general election may be here at last.

Donald Trump is turning his sights on Hillary Clinton, just a day after the frontrunners picked up major victories in several states, strengthening the path to their parties’ respective nominations.

Trump published an aggressive attack ad on his Instagram account today, criticizing Clinton on foreign policy, an area she’s attempted to stake her campaign on as a former secretary of state.

The ad displays clips of Russian President Vladimir Putin tackling an opponent in Judo and an Islamic State militant pointing a gun at the camera, bringing up the problem of the threats America faces. “The Democrats have the perfect answer…” the ad states before cutting to a clip of Clinton barking like a dog.

The clip of Clinton was pulled from a campaign event in Nevada earlier this year, where she told a tale about an unusual old campaign ad from her days in Arkansas, that featured a dog barking every time a politician made a bogus statement.

Donald Trump Releases Aggressive Attack Ad Against Hillary Clinton

The ad comes as both Clinton and Trump are more and more focused on the general election, rather than their primary opponents. Each candidate retains a solid delegate lead, though Clinton has a larger markup against Senator Bernie Sanders than Trump does against his Republican opponents.

Clinton has significantly shifted the focus of her speeches away from Sanders and focused on Trump as the Republican Party’s nominee, utilizing the spectre of that possibility in campaign emails to raise funds from her supporters.

But Trump’s shift is much more recent. In a CNN interview Wednesday morning right after his wins in three states (and a tie in Missouri) last night, Trump called Clinton an “embarrassment” and went hard after the presumptive Democratic nominee.

“She doesn’t have strength, she doesn’t have the stamina, I think she would – she talks about defeating our enemies. Well where has she been for the last year?” Trump said. “We can’t even beat ISIS. She’s not defeating our enemies. She wouldn’t know how to defeat the enemy. It’s ridiculous.”

Also on Wednesday, Trump introduced that he would skip a Fox News debate this coming Monday against his two remaining primary opponents. “I think we’ve had enough debates,” Trump stated.

Trump added in that he’ll be speaking at AIPAC, a policy conference put on by a pro-Israel lobbying group of the same name, that night alternatively. Clinton is also scheduled to speak at AIPAC next week.

Trump’s choice caused Ohio Governor John Kasich to pull out of the debate as well, forcing Fox News to terminate the debate.

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