Global Warming? Climate Change? What’s REALLY Going On?

Global Warming? Climate Change? What’s REALLY Going On?


We have all been hearing about ‘Global Warming’ for at least two decades now, but as the last few years have produced blizzards well into April in various places, people have been waking up to the fact that that something just does not add up. Since then, the focus of the main stream media has been to steer the odd ball weather events we have all been witnessing into a different terminology: Climate Change. What’s really going on?


Along comes Ben Davidson. For five years now, he has been diligently posting on YouTube as Suspicious0bervers, detailing his explorations into “the frontiers of solar and planetary science.” In Davidson’s world, earthquakes, weather anomolies, and even human behavior can be predicted by analyzing the Earth’s electromagnetic field, and how it is affected by the Sun as well as what he calls ‘space weather.’ The Sun, he claims, directly influences seismic events, weather anomalies, and even suicides and crime rates. He even claims that water rains down from outer space.


Ben Davidson

Along with space weather, he also delves in to common conspiracy theories about Agenda 21 (a United Nations sustainability plan often cited as a cover for a coming New World Order), and chemtrails (jet aircraft trails said to secretly contain dangerous chemicals). He has several videos detailing his theory that global warming is a myth perpetuated by the main stream media, and he believes that the government’s spraying of toxic chemicals in the sky is an intentional manipulation of the weather. His claim, in fact, is that we are on the verge of a ‘mini ice age.’


Davidson is likely the last person you would expect to become a conspiracy entrepreneur. Hailing from Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania, he studied meteorology in college before receiving a B.A. in economics and then a law degree in 2011. The Indonesian tsunami and subsequent disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant inspired him to question what he was being told about his home planet, Earth. This was at a time when many people raised concern over an impending doomsday scheduled for Dec. 21, 2012. You couldn’t search for tsunami videos without encountering any number of “alternative” explanations or conspiracy theories about what was really happening in Japan. He found this all fascinating, but he considered the people reporting on the subject matter to be unreliable—“wack-jobby,” in his words.


Realizing that he could apply his unique set of skills, he set aside virtually all of his personal time and embarked on this journey. Five years later, he is not only making a living—he has established a following of hundreds of thousands of people whose counter-establishment beliefs make them feel marginalized. His theories may seem a little out there at first, but it cannot be denied that he has found correlations between solar activity and seimic events. He can’t predict where earthquakes will occur, but he very accurately predicts when there will be increases in such events. The question then becomes, What is controlling the Sun?


Davidson began his YouTube video posting career in May of 2011. At first, the videos were pretty basic iMovie creations—collages of found video, soundtracked by hip-hop and with titles like “Intro to Elenin, HAARP, and the 2012 Conspiracy.” The news footage and stock photos were interspersed with title cards, on which he editorialized. He would wake up well before dawn and make videos before work. By the fall, he was uploading seven days a week. He does not take days off, ever; He even posted videos on his wedding day and on the morning of his daughter’s birth. His subscribers appreciated the effort, and soon he was gaining hundreds of subscribers a day. By the end of 2013, having reached 100,000 subscribers, he quit his job to stare at the Sun and shoot the Moon full time.


A Word from Ben on ‘Suspicion’


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