How A Collapse In South America Could Trigger Martial Law In The United States




If an economic program collapses in the woods and nobody is focusing, is there repercussions outside the woods?

Yes, of course.

Just like most situations financial and global.

Nonetheless, consequences aren’t usually taken extremely serious right until they have created a huge swamp of manure we all have to then frolic in the water through.

The problem is and always will certainly be “interdependency,” and the diruption of full sovereign borders.

For example, a close look at the European Union.

How A Collapse In South America Could Trigger Martial Law In The U.S.

There is a huge network of fiscally interdependent nations have difficulties to sustain a sense of principled identity and heritage even while participating in the misconception of multiculturalism.

There is a system through which these nations are admonished or quite possibly punished for making an effort to become self-reliant.

Additionally a system which promotes a Coward Riven style pushed integration of contrarian cultures.



Let us not forget an unrestrained debt.

As well as, a welfare addicted socialist society seriously affected by unsuspecting presumptions of entitlement.

On top of it all, we have a political system completely outclassed by social Marxists who would certainly like absolutely nothing better than to view the whole of the old world go down in a blasting dolor.

This economic dynamic can certainly only end in 1 of 2 ways:

The total dismantling of the supranational body and a return to sovereignty, or even a sociology economic meltdown followed by extreme centralization and the end of all monuments of sovereignty.

In either case, the consequences won’t be pretty.

In economic dynamic you can find specific nations which are being taken advantage of by globalists to start increased disaster within the overall region.

As Wikileaks revealed in transcripts of IMF, (Economic International Monetary found), negotiations on Greece.

The strategy happens to be creating sufficient chaos to generate panic into the general population.

The fear which can be used to shape the masses when it comes to handing a lot more administrative power above all those same globalists.

They fully understand that a fiscally-tiny nation like Greece can easily also do kinetic destruction to its neighbors, due to the fact its neighbors own weak foundations.

One domino sets off the chain.

The identical strategy can also be utilized in the Western hemisphere; more particularly, the collapse in South America in which almost no one in the mainstream appears to be paying a lot more attention to.

While mainstream coverage occasionally looks at each South American nation as being an separate case.

Barely any of the coverage looks at these crises as an interconnected elimination, and they undoubtedly don’t indicates any future harmful effects to the United States.

First, let us take a glance at some of South Americas most crucial economies, and the reason why they’re on the edge of an epic disaster.

In Venezuela the collapse of oil prices from greater than $100 per barrel down to around $40 per barrel or significantly less has annihilated oil-dependent, Venezuela, a country currently in economic chaos.

Overprinting of currency continues to be the main “solution” given so far.

Hyperinflation at this moments taking hold together with the International Monetary found alert of a 720 % increase this year.




At this time, necessities are now being rationed even while a increasing amount of citizens are remaining empty handed.

Numerous food purchases in Venezuela demand an electronic ration card.

Shoppers are required to wait in lengthy lines for hours merely for a chance to purchase staple products that can be sold out by the time they have their turn.

The government beneath Socialist President Nicolas Maduro seems to have nationalized all food and medicine supply, and is presently instituting rationing of electricity, in addition to even time!

A 2 day work week for public industry employees is now in force.

Private businesses are now being requested to use their own power generators to continue operations rather than depending on the grid.

Finally, Venezuela is therefore close to implosion the fact that they no longer possess the money to pay for the function of currency printers they depend on outside the country.

Which means, they will no longer have the funds to pay for printing more money.

Catastrophe in the nation is inevitable and a overall collapse is probable to occur this year.

Brazil is merely a wreck, and a excellent example of why the recently established BRICS “bank” has often been a farce, and won’t be competition to the IMF.

Not that this appeared to be ever the intention.

The BRICS Bank operates with the International Monetary found not against it.

Brazil’s national debt has multiplied in the past 5 years and officially.

The economy is arranged to reduce by 3.5 percent in 2016.

At the same time, Brazil’s currency has lately hit record lows towards the United States dollar as accounting allowance commence to sting.

At the same time, currency accounting allowance is doing nothing to support Brazil’s ailing exports.

The country can rarely keep its own economy stable, not to mention participate in a global banking venture in “competition” with the IMF.

This often happens while in economic crisis, political chaos goes on.

An entire number of criminal misconduct and corruption charges are now being fielded against President Dilma Rousseff as impeachment procedures gain momentum.

Conceivably not surprisingly, at least 3 of the politicians in the path to take over Rousseff’s position are also under investigation for criminal activity.

Brazil has arranged to host the Summer Olympics in Rio this year, however all indicators proposed that they will be fiscally unable of effectively paying for the facilities improvements necessary for the games to proceed.

Argentina continues to be in and out of economic crisis constantly since 2002, and also beholden to the IMF for nearly as long.

Argentina’s first collapse in 2001 – 2002 is a commonly utilized example of a modernized and westernized economic system struggling from a dangerously fast financial disaster that was mostly invisible from the public right up until it was too late.

Today, Argentina’s new government has chosen to do exactly what most establishment manipulated governments do whenever the economy is in decline.

They conceal the numbers.

Argentina’s government officials have claimed a decline in Argentina’s poverty rate, other sources reveal it has essentially soared this year to more than 32% of the population.

This poverty is exponentially boosted by significant price inflation.





Most goods and services in Argentina presently increase in price by approximately 35 % annually.

All though Argentina has lately renovated its debts and is actually able to issue treasury bonds for sale again, basically all of the capital acquired through bond sales is utilized to pay back creditors from previous economic crises.

Under these conditions, it’s only a matter of time just before the country undergoes another breakdown.

A lot of South America is on the brink of financial chaos. As the same as Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina, so goes South America.

So, what does any of this have to do with the United States?

Why should we care?

Numerous nations inside South America are continually experiencing unexplained crisis, and a person might argue that this did not matter to the United States in the past.

Nonetheless what we are witnessing today isn’t an isolated collapse in a particular country, but collapse situations in all of South America’s major economies together with weakness widespread in most other nations.

Like the European Union, South America appears to be a powder keg patiently waiting for a spark.

The United states itself isn’t far behind in conditions of an economic breakdown and this may very well be amplified by fiscal chaos in the south.

For how this effects the United states in other ways, here’s where things get a little weird…

In the aftermath of the Iran/Contra proceedings, the release of documents relevant to a program called “Rex 84”, part of “Operation Garden Plot”, hit the mainstream news.

Rex 84 stood for “Readiness Exercise 1984.”

It was also a continuity of a government program created to lock down the United Sates under martial law during “civil disturbances.”

This particularly included the power of government to vigorously relocate large populations from their homes or simply detain large populations at will.

The Rex 84 was initially launched decades ago, this program has not ever in fact went away.

All obligations relating to Rex 84 are at this point under the oversight of the Department of Homeland Security and North com.

Among the primary “disturbances” described as a basis for Rex 84 was a “mass exodus” of immigrants from Central or South America across the United states Mexico border.

The publicity of Rex 84 was most likely the primary catalyst for the increasing concern over “FEMA camps,” as the system required mass internment of “dissidents” and immigrants.

As we know after the events in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, FEMA “camps” aren’t automatically places that are reestablished.

Rather, an internment camp or detention facility could be built in simple days by federal agencies anytime, anywhere.

The actual provisions of Rex 84 are an essential part of the organization technology, and that they absolutely plan to utilize them in the near future.

For Europe, the Rex 84-style measures might actually be used in reaction to the continuing overflow of millions of Muslim immigrants with no goals of integrating with the existing European population.

Certainly, numerous people might cheer those measures.



With Several other terrorist attacks watch how rapidly the socialist majority rescinds their welcome.

Keep in mind, history shows that the exploitation of freedom for one vast group almost always leads to the destruction of freedom for all.

In the West, a South American collapse will more than likely lead to our own mass overflow of illegal immigrants in addition to the millions already crossing our borders.

An individual must also take into account the probability of ISIS fighters interacting with these immigrants.

This could be a crisis in immediate proportion to that of Europe.

Take note that in the United States and Europe the individual governments have encountered mass migrations from cultures with minimal to no respect for the values and principles of the host nations.

An economic crisis will only facilitate the disasters they have already started.

Again, many Americans may cheer for mass detentions in the aftermath of an immigration threat, nonetheless in the end, the “defense” of the United States borders could well be used by the establishment to justify unconstitutional actions towards everyone.

The threat of a South American exodus to our borders with the hope that if and when it occurs, people aren’t therefore ignorant as to turn to the government for help,.

The same government that assisted in creating the calamity in the first place.

Expanded government power resolves absolutely nothing in the long run, despite who is in office at the time in which includes Trump.

Independent and sovereign activity is the only answer.

Individuals, counties and states protecting their own borders.

Regardless of whether it be in the point of a collapse in South America, or any some other Black Swan event.

Keep the feds out regardless of the supposed danger.

Do not ever invite the vampire into your house.


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