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Best Convention Of States Argument Ever! We The People Must Take Back America!

Written by JayWill7497


Judge Andrew Napolitano is our first preference to take the place of Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. He comprehends our Constitution thoroughly and daily advocates for its restoration and preservation.

Countless think that Barack Hussein will designate Scalia’s replacement, and he very well might, but if the Republican-majority Senate does not validate the appointment, the term of Hussein’s replacement runs out at the end of the next legislative session, which concludes on January 3, 2019. Nevertheless, majority or not, there are a handful of infected RINO scumbags in the Senate who could perhaps be on the payroll of forces not specifically friendly to the conservative cause, and will market their souls to the devil if the money is right.

In the video, below, while not bringing up Convention of States, the good judge is making one of the finest arguments I have heard for the Article V movement.

As Divine Providence brought that collection of altruistic geniuses together in Philadelphia in July, 1776 to draft and adopt the Declaration of Independence, (it was not actually signed on July 4th, but instead on August 2nd, but honestly, that is a whole ‘nother tale), Divine Providence also brought another collection of patriotic geniuses together, again in Philadelphia, in 1787 to draft and adopt our Constitution. 6 of the signers of the Constitution also signed the Declaration of Independence.

In their clever account of worst case possibilities, our founders put into place, in Article V, a provision whereby We the People, through our respective state legislatures, may modify our Constitution as a remedy for an overreaching federal tyranny, as we are target of today.

With a corrupt executive branch, and colluding legislative and judicial branches, and no one watching out for the interests of Mom and Pop America, it is time for We the People to exercise our rights under Article V and call for a Convention of States so that we may break the voracious beast we call our federal government, whose insatiable hunger steals more liberty and prosperity from the American people every day.

Watch Judge Napolitano’s spot-on ‘What if’ monologue, which flawlessly describes the need for a Convention of States. Subsequent the judge’s video, I also incorporated George Carlin’s insightful, though pessimistic, take on the American Dream and our ever-growing and overreaching federal government. I think George didn’t know about Article V and Convention of States. Warning: Salty language!

And, ensure the information, please sign the Convention of States petition at the following link, and if you can, become active in the organization…. Convention of States.

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