Deep Examination Of State Sponsored Propaganda Unveils Truth About Information War

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The majority of if not all truth seekers by now are very acquainted with what a false flag is. It’s a State-sponsored operation that consists of an attack on elements of its own people, staged in such a fashion so as to blame an enemy that the State wishes to attack. But a deeper glimpse into this tactic of false flags shows there is more to the process than just carrying out the operation and blaming the enemy of choice. There is a lot more to think about on the pre-planning and Intelligence side of things. Things the common person never takes into account because they are not used to thinking ahead like this. Or should I say, thinking as deep as this. We are talking about a technique of thinking far beyond the shallow so-called 2-dimensional thinking I’m constantly mentioning that most folks are stuck in. What am I talking about? Let’s think about some things.

Above and beyond the recognizable false flag tactic (think al-Qaeda terrorists did 9/11), there are numerous other processes and tactics that evidently exist within Intelligence that many truth seekers often overlook or are simply not aware of though they play out almost every day in the real world.

When asked about the 9/11 conspiracy by an activist-journalist several years ago, 9/11 Commission member Bob Kerry unmistakably expresses that 9/11 was a “30-year conspiracy”. One could ponder, what did Kerry mean by this? You decide.

Folks can suppose in many ways, but we have reason to think that the State plans on sustaining conspiracies for periods of 30 years … or longer. Quite simply, they appear to be saying – let’s push back recognizing this conspiracy for the length of one generation, which in developed nations is believed to be around 30 years, then the current generation will possibly have less will to fight this conspiracy revelation due to the disconnect that will exist by then. The end result is that the conspirators will have gotten away with the crime. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about the length of a generation.


A familial generation is a group of living beings constituting a single step in the line of descent from an ancestor. In developed nations the average familial generation length is in the high 20s and has even reached 30 years in some nations. Factors such as greater industrialisation and demand for cheap female labour, urbanisation, delayed first pregnancy and a greater uncertainty in relationship stability have all contributed to the increase of the generation length from the late 18th century to the present. These changes can be attributed to both societal level factors, such as GDP and state policy, and related individual level variables, particularly a woman’s educational attainment. Conversely, generation length has changed little and remains in the low 20s in less developed nations.

Apparently, the 30-year generational time frame (for developed nations) has history and value to it. From this stand point it makes sense that the controllers would have a time-table for stalling the process of the revelation of truth regarding their false flag operations. Let’s take a glimpse at historical false flag operations and assassinations whose truth came out “officially” some 30 or more years later.

Martin Luther King Jr was notoriously assassinated on April 4, 1968, but it was not until December of 1999 (i.e. 31 years afterwards) that the “official story” was verified a lie.


The jury’s decision means it did not believe that James Earl Ray, who was convicted of the crime, fired the shot that killed Dr. King.

After four weeks of testimony and one hour of deliberation, the jury in the wrongful-death case found that Loyd Jowers as well as “others, including governmental agencies” had been part of a conspiracy. The jury awarded the King family the damages they had sought: $100, which the family says it will donate to charity.

The family has long questioned Mr. Ray’s conviction and hoped the suit would change the legal and historical record of the assassination.

“This is a vindication for us,” said Dexter King, the youngest son of Dr. King.

He said he hoped history books would be rewritten to reflect this version of the assassination.

One could question why didn’t this trial take place in 1968 or 1969? Because this falls within the 30-year conspiracy rule they appear to have. 1969, 1979 or 1989 would all have been equally too soon. During those first 30 years the concept is to lie, hide the truth and reject any wrongdoing or involvement. Even worse, during the “conspiracy” years you could be murdered for telling the truth.

Exposing the truth after the conspiracy has done its time (in the case of the King assassination 31 years later) was evidently considered acceptable, likely because they figured that a younger generation disconnected from the event will not understand what to do with the new revelations. Or maybe they figured the younger generation could be effortlessly distracted from the revelations about the King murder. Furthermore, news about the Memphis jury court ruling surrounding King’s assassination was hardly given focus by the mainstream media and has done nothing to change the history book lies and the lies told at museums honoring the life of King. If nothing else we can see that lying about the MLK murder for the duration of the “conspiracy” years demonstrated to be an effective strategy for the Deep State.

More cases include Operation Northwoods, a shocking 1962 DOD document signed by Joint Chief of Staff Lyman L. Lemnitzer outlining how the US would attack its own citizens in numerous creative ways in order to blame Cuba and thus generate the pretext for war against Fidel Castro. Ideally, well over 30 years later, in 1997 the John F Kennedy Assassination Review Board declassified this 1,500-page document for the world to view.

Another illustration is the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty where the US and Israel coordinated a typical false flag attack to attack and sink the USS Liberty to be able to blame and therefore invade Egypt. The false flag hit a brick wall but specific details about the false flag event were exposed some 40 years later around October of 2007, long after many had forgotten about the event.

Is anyone discovering a pattern here? Now let us think about current day conspiracies that have NOT been declassified, exposed or confessed. Let’s take 9/11 as an example. Understanding what we know currently, what can we state about the prolonged process of waiting for disclosure, declassification or truth? If Bob Kerry is correct and we are comprehending him correctly then 9/11 is only half way in this traditional waiting process of 30 or more years. We, for that reason, need to see State-sponsored 9/11 propaganda in this light. Comprehending that this waiting period is very much a part of the State propaganda as well as the method of concealing the truth about an event, we should expect “revelations”, “new” storylines and “claims” created by Intelligence during this long waiting period for the exclusive purpose of stalling for time and to generate what Obama former Information Czar coined “cognitive diversity” specifically in the (9/11) Truth movement.

Comprehending this info war tactic is critical for all truth seekers. The Intelligence community understands this and they have been busy conjuring up “new” storylines for 9/11 truth seekers over the past several years, all meant to shift your focus away from the Operation Northwoods-style 9/11 attacks in 2001. We are all acquainted by now with the “28 pages” the Intelligence community is waving in everyone’s face since 2002-2003. This is all part of this delay tactic that I am mentioning. It is also component of a tactic created to divide everyone mentally (i.e. cognitive diversity) and to get folks debating over who “really” did 9/11. Since Saudi Arabia is identified to have been involved in 9/11 we can observe that the tactic depends on disseminating partial truth to generate the debates and division. This debating and divisiveness serves perfect for the objective of killing much needed time.

Similarly, as many who follow me understand, I have been very critical of the so called “Israel did it” movement. Like the “Saudi Arabia did it” audience these are not folks who recognize the Israeli involvement in 9/11 (like most of us do) but a audience who contends that only Israel was involved or (just like the USS Liberty propaganda) persist that 9/11 was an “Israeli job” somehow NOT involving the United States. I solidly think all of this is sophisticated State-sponsored propaganda, again to stall for time and divide truth seekers while they are at it looking to other entities for blame.

This method of blaming other entities is itself an art that the State has mastered, and it is time for truth seekers to basically be conscious of this tactic. It is very real and we have observed this tactic in play for many decades here in the US.

Cognitive Dissonance and Blaming Others

Many folks do not understand how much easier (cognitively speaking) it is to blame government corruption on another country or another entity. To utilize the sports analogy, it is the difference between recognizing that your team is a horrible team that plays dirty and cheats versus imagining that your team is instead the victim of a league full of dirty teams that cheat and has triggered your team to lose so many games. It is tremendously easier to blame another entity than to face the reality that you, your team (or your country) needs to repair itself and face transformation.

The Intelligence community is very well mindful that folks will more readily process that their country is in good standing and the blame is to be put on others. Look around you; all the politicians engaged in our current presidential election race are all blaming other countries and other bogeymonsters for the troubles of the country. It is expected for them to lie this way. This cognitive dissonance is seriously inlayed into who we are currently, especially as Americans. Self-blame for situations like 9/11 and the endless wars influenced by lies is not expected under any circumstances even when not facing up to the reality itself is totally irrational and artificial.

So when it concerns 9/11 or any false flag attacks that are well short of the “30-year conspiracy” time-table told by Kerry, let’s not anticipate anything short of new diversions, new misleading info, “new” so-called discoveries and disclosures that all ultimately point right back to the official story narrative, point to a new enemy they desire to attack or lead you down a path with no remedy. That is the whole point of these long waiting periods. It is to disempower you and to disorient you so that you can not do anything about the matter at hand. Once your generation has passed and 30 or 40 years have gone by, then perhaps the government will disclose some of the info to a generation totally disconnected from the event. By then that generation will be coping with fresh new false flags and new levels of government lies, deceit and corruption. Can you observe the bigger picture and how the long-term Intelligence operates to keep you in the dark as they get away with one false flag after another?


To deal with the problem we must first see the dilemna by viewing these false flags in terms of 30 year time-frames (or longer). Let us begin by making folks conscious that these time-frames do exist and they assist the State very effectively. Let us also not fall for State propaganda pushed on mainstream media news or on YouTube talking about “new” secret revelations. If we can learn something from observing today’s State propaganda machine at work it is that the Intelligence community is seriously embedded in social media websites, blog sites and even many alternative media sites if you read the comment sections. Understand that we are up to our necks in heavy duty and deeply rooted State propaganda; it is coming from all directions and the only way to stay clear of this is to consider with your critical mind, not with your emotions.

It is time to understand that the nature of our info war is much more complicated than you may have thought and only those wide awake to the full spectrum of State propaganda tactics will have the ability to discern their lies and deceit. Once we identify their lies and tactics we become much more challenging to fool and sway away from objective truth.

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