Pope Has Admitted The Bible Is NOT The Whole Story!!!

Written by Will Walker

Those who have seriously looked in to the work of Zecharia Sitchin are well aware of the claim that the Book of Genesis is nothing more than a summarized, edited version of ancient Sumerian Legends. There is a much bigger story behind the creation of man than what the church has been telling us for centuries. In a 1986 address, with little fanfare, Pope John Paul II seems to be addressing this very issue.

“The reference to the ‘primacy’ of Christ helps us to understand that the truth about the existence and activity of the angels (good and bad) is not the central content of the word of God… The truth about the angels is in a certain sense ‘collateral,’ though inseparable from the central revelation… They are superior to all that is created in the visible world, including man.”

-Pope John Paul II



What exactly was the Pope getting at here? The address is speaking about ‘The creator of all things, seen and unseen.’ Could this be the same ‘Creator of All’ mentioned in Sumerian legend?

The tales recount the creation of man with stunning parallels to Genesis, but with much more detailed information.


According to Sitchen, Adam (Adamu) was genetically engineered by space aliens to be a slave race.

The Anunnaki came to earth hundreds of thousands of years ago to mine for gold, but had difficulty with their rebellious workers, the Iggigi. As a solution to the problem, a genetic scientist called Enki was authorized to splice their alien DNA with the DNA of an ape-like creature they found living in Africa (Homo Erectus).
As the story goes, Enki was furious when he found that his older brother Enlil was working his creation, his masterpiece, mankind, to death so he imparted the forbidden knowledge of the gods to us.

For this he was demonized by his brother, and the humans that used this knowledge were cast out into the wilderness.

And so the wars began… wars which appear to continue to this day.

Throughout history, it seems, that Enki himself has returned to earth and found descendants of the cast aways living in the wild and has descended upon them to teach them language, agriculture, mathematics, architecture, etc.

From the Mayans to the Chinese, countless cultures attribute the beginning of their civilization to a mysterious ‘God’ that came down from the sky in some sort of fire breathing vessel. This ‘God’ taught them everything they know, and left, leaving his biological offspring in charge.

Initially, so the story goes, Enlil despised our creation.

This is why he ordered that no human be warned about the impending disaster: cosmic events were about to cause a world-wide flood.

The problem was that Enlil was not aware that Enki had fathered human hybrids himself, thus making some humans technically royalty by Anunaki law.

As such, Enki defied his brother’s orders by instructing his hybrid son, Ziasudra (Noah), to build the Ark. Under a new covenant, we humans were to be cared for as offspring and to be guided along a spiritual path.
As fascinating and revealing as this story is, even more fascinating is that these ‘Gods’ had a God of their own. The ‘Creator of All’ as revealed through a mysterious spiritual being they called Galzu.

They did not understand this mystical force that created and sustains the universe either.

They also turned to mystics and followed astrology to determine where they stood in relation to both fate and destiny.

These advanced space aliens apparently pondered the very same questions we ponder today.
The story continues to speak of many wars waged in ancient times between Marduk (Rebellious son of Enki) and Inanna (Granddaughter of Enlil).

Both vied for rule of the entire planet, but when Marduk’s city, Babylon, was spared from the fallout from the nuclear weapons used on his forces in Canaan, while all of the rest of Sumer was decimated, the Anunnaki decided it was the will of the Creator of All for Marduk to inherit the Earth for a period of time. A period of time…


This story is quite incredible, but also offers an alternate explanation to the so called ‘missing link’ in the Theory of Evolution. Humans would apparently be the product of alien/ monkey sex.


As Pope John Paul II also commented in this dissertation, “We know that man enjoys a unique position within the sphere of creation. By his body he belongs to the visible world, while by his spiritual soul which vivifies the body, he is as it were on the boundary between the visible and invisible creation.”

The Pope’s words here reveal an important distinction. While our bodies may or may not have been genetically engineered by space aliens, our immortal souls which animate them are the product of the Creator of All, whatever that is.


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