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Scientists At The University of Cambridge Currently have Harvested A Two Week Old Human Embryo In A Lab For The First Time

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This is the longest that scientists have ever happen to be capable to continue to keep them alive outside of a mother.

The university’s scientists revealed this week the fact that they were effectively equipped to develop a living two week old human embryos in a lab.

While utilizing a traditional technique formerly examined to develop mouse embryos outside of a mother, the scientists were able to execute practically hour by hour observations of human embryo growth.

Just to observe exactly how the embryos grow and organize themselves up to day thirteen.

A University of Cambridge professor, Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz said,“This it the most enigmatic and mysterious stage of human development.”

Professor Zernicka-Goetz co-led the operation.

International law prohipites anything extended more than 14 days.

Fourteen days is a limit in which scientists are today being evaluated, making everyone to question just how long it will be until there isn’t any kind of limitation and we are existing in a living two week old human embryos in a lab.

In addition, Zernicka-Goetz explained saying, “Longer cultures could provide absolutely critical information for basic human biology.” “But this would of course raise the next question of where we should put the next limit.”



Real soon men will not be a part in physically producing children

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