Catholic School Bans Teen From Prom For Wearing A Suit


A Harrisburg Pennsylvania high school is reaching out to a student from a different district after she wasn’t acceptable to attend her school’s prom because of her wardrobe!

Aniya Wolf and her date wasn’t allowed to go to Bishop McDevitt’s prom simply because Wolf was wearing a tuxedo.
Bishop McDevitt is a Catholic school in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania school is trying to “justify” banning a tux-wearing girl to prom through stating “boys wear suits, girls wear dresses.”

People typically express who they are and exactly what they believe by what they wear.

For the reason that students sustain a number of constitutional rights to free expression while they are in school.

Student’s decisions regarding their appearance are, to some magnitude, protected as well!

Even though their opinions are provides significant weight by the courts, school facilitators can’t depend on mere conjecture that a particular principle on a piece of clothing will be disruptive.

While not having an actual disruption of school activities, or a reasonable threat of one; a court can reject a school official’s controversy that banning clothing with a message was justified for that reason.

We ask can our children be punished for protesting their school’s dress code policy?

Your children has the right to peacefully protest a dress code policy.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean they can violate the policy or participate in other activity legitimately banned in school.

At the same time, they can not be punished punished harshly for violating a school policy.

Merely due to the fact your child was doing it in protest.

For example: In a Rhode Island case, students walked out of school one day to protest a new dress code.

Even though the school had the right to punish the students for walking out of school and missing classes, they had been given a longer suspension compared to if they had simply just bunked class.

first admendment

Which is ridiculous.

The State Commissioner of Education in Rhode Island said that it is illegal for school officials to penalize the students for missing school to participate in a political protests is much more severe than if they had missed school for any other purpose.

For over 90 yrs., The American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU has been working in the courts, legislatures, and communities to protect and conserve the rights and liberties guaranteed to “everyone” in this country by the United States Constitution and laws.

So why ban a people who doesn’t want to wear a dress at Prom?

This violates the first amendment.


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