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Russia Rises—New World Order and Satanists Fall

Written by JayWill7497

Fantastic News. There is a mindset of discontent in Europe: “tens of thousands” of folks in Italy decline to prostrate before the New World Order.


Vladimir Putin continues to transform the political environment in Russia. If we should always judge a tree by its fruit, then we can point out that Putin has raised the consciousness of Russians for good. Pay attention to this:


“According to the latest research conducted by the Public Opinion Foundation (FOM), 48 percent of Russians say they are interested in politics, which is the highest figure since 2001. Forty-nine percent of responders said that politics was not at the top of their interests’ list, and 3 percent said it was difficult to give a direct and simple answer to this question.

“For comparison, in 2010 the share of Russians who said that they considered politics to be an important subject was 30 percent and 64 percent said that they had no interest in politics whatsoever.

“The 2016 research also shows that the current events in Syria and Russia’s counter-terrorist operation in this country were the most popular discussion topics among Russians. The situation in Ukraine ranked second, the ongoing price hikes in Russia were in third place and the last Q&A session with President Vladimir Putin was in fourth place.”

This is without a doubt good news. And related elements are taking place all throughout Europe. “Tens of thousands came out in the capital of Italy to decry the secretive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal between the EU and the United States, which protesters believe would push Europe into corporate slavery.”

Paul Craig Roberts has just lately reported:


“Russia is a threat, because Russia demonstrated the capability of blocking Washington’s intended invasion of Syria and bombing of Iran. Russia blunted one purpose of Washington’s coup in the Ukraine by peacefully and democratically reuniting with Crimera, the site of Russia’s Black Sea naval base and a Russian province for several centuries.”

What we are witnessing again and again is Hegel’s “cunning of reason” on the political landscape. New World Order agents and Satanists thought that they could change everyone and turn them into puppets and zombies.

But Russia is still not on the market. And there is a spirit of displeasure in Europe: “tens of thousands” of folks in Italy decline to prostrate before the New World Order.


This indeed is a great number, and one can predict that it will continue to grow as the year progresses. In fact, Japan has already wounded agents of the New World Order by having a frank and face-to-face dialogue with Vladimir Putin. Obama did ask Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe not to talk to Putin, but Abe just broke that New World Order contract.

So, folks are essentially exhausted of what Robert W. Merry has just lately termed “the dying dream of globalism.” Pepe Escobar has not long ago stated that “NATO on trade, in Europe and Asia, is doomed.”

Even Trevor Timm of the Guardian is currently declaring that “Obama’s troop increase in Syria is part of a troubling trend.”

Welcome to FusionlacedIllusions, Mr. Timm. We have been expressing almost the same thing for years.

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