Agenda 21

‘Depopulation Agenda;’ How It REALLY Works… WARNING: Read At Your Own Risk

Written by Will Walker

All Prophecy is self fulfilling


Virtually very major religion has embedded within it some sort of ‘End Times Prophecy.’ This is no accident. What has NOT been revealed until now is why, exactly. All religious people are indoctrinated from a very young age with a complex set of memes, or programming, which allows their will and their very lives to be controlled by ‘puppet masters’ who, being educated in the code, can easily manipulate the lesser informed to do their bidding.


In the unfortunate event that an indoctrinated individual should become aware of their enslaved condition, self destruct memes buried within ‘end times prophecy’ are utilized to encourage that person to ‘off themselves.’ This can occur in a variety of ways. The most obvious manner of ‘offing yourself’ is, of course suicide. Often times, the suicidal individual will first decide to take friends and loved ones out along with them, such as the case with Andrea Yates.


Mrs. Yates was indoctrinated in the religion of Christianity, and as the Main Stream Media has been pumping out carefully orchestrated real world events over the past several years (decades in fact) which mirror events prophecized in the bible, she took it upon herself to ‘spare’ her children the horror of witnessing such events. Imagine her surprise when she discovered the sky has not yet fallen.


Countless others have fallen victim to this ‘depopulation agenda’ by choosing to ‘depopoulate’ themselves rather than wait for ‘Antichrist Obama’ and his legion of demons to do it for them. Meanwhile, the truly sick and twisted ‘prep’ themselves for this ‘event’ that never seems to arrive secretly hoping that THEY will be the ones ‘chosen’ to do the ‘depopulating’ of the wicked on God’s behalf.


False stories make headlines of the Department of Homeland Security purchasing billions of rounds of ammunition, for instance, and gun sales skyrocket. The makers of these weapons of mass destruction make quite a hefty profit selling Americans the instruments of their own destruction. Those same doomsday profiteers, such as Alex Jones and the like, anxiously await the day they can hide behind the fortresses the masses have bought bought for them with their own stupidity and pick off the zombified people who once listened to their every word, one by one.


Another way to ‘off yourself’ is to ‘off yourSELF.’ Turn off your ‘selfishness’ and surrender your will completely to the ‘masters.’ This method is favorable to them, of course, and that is why one religion in particular has no ‘end times’ prophecy at all: Buddhism. No prophecy is necessary in that because ‘offing yourSELF’ is what Buddhism is all about. Surrender your will and your life over to your Guru, and he will absorb and transmute your Kharma for you. But don’t forget to offer him gifts, or he might just disappear leaving you to fend for yourself.


The reality is, that there is no such thing as the ‘end of the world.’ All that will end is YOUR participation in it. So how will it end for you? Will you vegetate on your couch, flipping channels on your plasma screen TV until it manages to convince you that you have cancer or restless leg syndrome and you poison yourself with the ‘medications’ it tells you to take? Will you become ‘righteous’ and take out a few infidels before being gunned down by the police? Will you forsake your religion altogether and live with one foot in the grave until random chance takes you out?


How will YOU contribute to the depopulation agenda?

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