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How Can Humans Survive Doomsday? Scientists Put Together 500-Million-Year Plan

Written by JayWill7497

In 500 million years, scientists think that the Sun’s expansion will leave our beloved planet Earth inhabitable. Do not worry because scientists currently hatched a plan on how to survive doomsday.

Please be warned because they are quite extreme measures.

The Earth is subjected to many catastrophic events, and regardless of the possibility that humanity might survive, there is no escaping the inevitable.

Astrophysicists Michael Hahn and Daniel Wolf Savin of the Columbia University discussed in their essay that while doomsday will wipe a large percentage of humanity, the future generations can still save some species by doing some out-of-this-world modifications.

Changing The Earth’s Orbit

Hahn and Savin mentioned that one way of saving humanity is by deliberately moving the Earth’s orbit. The scientists proposed taking a passing asteroid and utilizing it to gravitationally nudge the Earth’s orbit so it can move away from the sun.

Some concerns need to be thought of though. How much change in the planetary orbit is permitted?

The Earth’s distance from the sun is about 93 million miles and the habitable zone around the sun is between 0.95 AU to 1.69 AU, based upon the size or activity of the sun. So, the planet’s orbit can change by 4.5 million miles to as much as 34 million miles and still be within the sun’s habitable zone.

The drawback though is that large changes in the planet’s orbit could make life extinct.

Another way for the Earth to move out of the likely danger zone, while keeping within the habitable zone of the sun is by putting a giant solar sail to the Earth. To achieve the goal, the sail should have a diameter that is about 20 times the diameter of the planet. By theory, the sail will shift the Earth away from the sun just like how a sail moves a boat.

Space sailing may not be far from truth. In 2006, Pekka Janhunen of the Finnish Kumpula Space Centre created an electric sail that utilized solar wind to produce propulsion power for a spacecraft.

Uploading Humans Into Computers

Perhaps what people will find astonishing is the astrophysicists’ plan to upload humans into machines.

Is this possible with our present technologies?

The researchers recognized that this is way beyond what humanity can do currently. Hahn and Savin are looking at 500 million years into the future but they think that time will come when humans will have the ability to create a technology that would bring to life their theories.

It appears their plans are not without basis.

Martine Rothblatt is already building a robotic head, called Bina48, which is capable of putting thoughts, memories, and feelings of a human into a computer to produce a Mind Clone.

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