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Confirmed! NWO Event Has Been Cancelled!

Written by Will Walker

Confirmed! NWO ‘Event’ Has Been Cancelled!


As a direct result of the valiant efforts of truth seekers world wide, the NWO Event scheduled for the period of 6-6-16 through 6-16-16 has been cancelled. This is not a delay. It has been completely cancelled. None of the globalist plots being outlined in alternative media will be hatched during that time period, or ever at all. The dark forces of the Cabal have seen the error of their ways and will NOT continue with the agenda.


There is NOT any sort of planet or extra terrestrial object being hidden by chemtrails. These lines in the sky are merely an elaborate system of ‘sunblock’ preventing global warming. Global warming is no longer an issue. It has been corrected by chemtrails. Furthermore, the technology now exists to modify the weather in such a manner so that deserts will be turned into farmland to greatly increase the carrying capacity of the Earth. Depopulation, as such, is no longer necessary.


Along with the cancellation of the depopulation agenda, which makes the NWO event completely unnecessary, the guillotines which HAD been purchased and stored in the United States have now been sold and shipped to foreign nations with still consider that sort of punishment an essential part of their culture. Saudi Arabia is the primary purchaser of these American made guillotines, but other nations such as North Korea and Pakistan are buying as many as they can afford. Proceeds from these sales are being credited to the national debt.


Out of the 800 plus FEMA camps which had been reported to be prepared for the NWO event, 536 were never fully completed. Construction has been halted at many of these sites, but most of them, along with the completed facilities, are now being converted into ‘illegal immigrant camps’ in preparation for President Trump’s new border patrol policy. The planned decriminalization of marijuana, and the implementation of new addiction treatment plans will lead to many prisons being converted into rehabilitation facilities. American citizens locked up in existing prisons for non-violent offenses and so called ‘victimless crimes’ will now, under President Trump’s direction, be retrained to perform the tasks illegal immigrants have typically been hired to do.


Along with the cancellation of the NWO event, there will be no currency re-evaluation. The American Dollar will retain its Global Reserve status by order of President Trump. It has been agreed among top global leaders that this stability is necessary in order to piece together the ‘free energy’ technology as conceived by Nikola Tesla. Within a few short years, electricity will be broadcast world wide and anyone anywhere will be able to construct an antenna which will receive this free electricity with basic house hold items. Instructions on how to build these antennas and wire them directly into existing meters will be disseminated as the new systems come online.


Congratulations are in order for all the truth seekers and alternative media reporters which have made this shift in consciousness possible. They are true heroes of humanity and will be handsomely rewarded for their efforts. Moving forward, the identities of the ‘Cabal’ members who have been orchestrating these terrible plots will not be revealed publicly in order to protect their friends and family who were not aware of their involvement in the NWO event plot. Rest assured, however, that these persons are being dealt with properly.

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