Is The Military Falsifying Reports On ISIS & Covering It Up?

Whistle-blowers claim that senior officers intentionally misrepresented the war as going well and punished dissenting experts

The Pentagon building. (Photo: © David B. Gleason/Creative Commons)

An analyst in the US Central Command’s (CENTCOM) Joint Intelligence Office charged her superiors of reassigning her to a different job on trumped up charges after she spoke up in opposition to doctored intelligence information in the organization.

Carolyn Stewart had earlier charged her superiors of changing information on the Islamic State to fit the official White House line that the war against the self-proclaimed Caliphate is being won, based on The Daily Beast.

Technically, Stewart was transferred for cursing.

Last Wednesday, she brought her circumstance before a Department of Defense appeals court against her civilian superior, Gregory Ryckman. The court tried to figure out whether Stewart’s swearing, which purportedly took place on 2 instances, made a “hostile work environment” and consequently merited the transfer.

The Daily Beast’s senior national security correspondent Nancy Youssef publishes “if cursing were really a fireable offense in the military, every soldier, sailor, Marine, and Defense Department civilian would have to be sent home.”

Ryckman and his military superior Major-General Steven Grove were charged by other experts of tampering with intelligence information to be able to spin the war as positive and of pressuring experts to quell negative news and document positive news.

A leading Iraq expert recognized as Gregory Hooker filed a grievance against his superiors in September 2015, as noted by The New York Times.

His superior, William Rizzio had a conference with Grove and Ryckman in which he supposedly backed statements made by Hooker and others. Subsequent the meeting he was quickly reassigned. Witnesses to the conference informed The New York Times he was reprimanded for siding with the experts.

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