Army Examines Laser Weapons for 2025 Battlefield Utilization


WASHINGTON – Making an effort specifically to decide how the High Energy Laser Mobile Test Truck may possibly help troops in the Army of 2025, the service’s weapon system took part in an exercise at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, executed through the Fires Center of Excellence Battle Lab.

From April 11-19, the HELMTT program, that is handled by the Army Space and Missile Defense Command and Army Forces Strategic Command, was introduced into the Excellence Maneuver Fires Integrated Experiment (MFIX) and utilized to attain, track, engage and destroy air and ground targets in “a simulated tactical environment” and exhibited the Army’s focused energy technology, regarding to a May 12 Army report.

“We integrated HELMTT for the first time into an Army command and control network,” stated Adam Aberle, the SMDC technical center HELMTT demonstrator system manager. “We learned how a laser platform would operate in a relevant tactical environment.”

Moving past just examining its capability, the Army is seeking at “how to employ and develop the tactics, techniques and procedures of operating it and do mission planning,” he included.

In the Fort Sill training, HELMTT encountered and engaged moving and still targets and demolished small UAVs and static mortar rounds.

The system is composed of a Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck with a 10 kilowatt laser weapon.

Regarding to the SMDC, it is as wellas working to mount a 2 kilowatt laser weapon on a Stryker vehicle, known as a Mobile Expeditionary High Energy Laser.

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