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Flint’s Whistleblower Fired For Exposing Mayor’s Apparent Plan To Take Water Donations


Whenever the Flint, Michigan., Water Crisis appears to have ultimately hit rock bottom, a new development throws that assumption out the window.

A lawsuit filed this week states Flint City Administrator Natasha Henderson was terminated by Mayor Karen Weaver unjustly, but why??

In accordance to Henderson’s lawyer, her termination emerged after being informed of allegations that Mayor Weaver had been demanding her staff to redirect ‘donor funds” to the mayor’s PAC.

That was not the actual campaign focused at helping Flint families.

The law suit claims City Administrator Natasha Henderson was approached by a city employee “in tears” with concerns of going to jail.

She informed Henderson that Weaver had particularly directed her and a volunteer to demonstrate to would-be donors, step by step, how to contribute to the “Karenabout Flint” Fund, instead of the official Safe Water/Safe Homes charity.

Henderson did not recognize the innocuously referred to as “Karenabout Flint”.

An immediate red flag!

Annoyed by these statements, she searched to open an investigation into Mayor Weaver’s prospective corruption.

Natasha Henderson emailed Flint’s legal council, seeking an investigation and the assurance that the employee who had made those allegations will not face retaliation.

Flint’s lawyer told her, and I quot we, “I will take prompt action and advise you later today.”

This was, significantly to her discouragement, the first and last she heard on the topic.

What came next, truly surprised Henderson.


Just 3 days following emailing Flint’s legal council, Henderson ended up being called into Weaver’s office and abruptly terminated.

When she was asked why she was being fired, Mayor Weaver “claimed the State of Michigan could no longer afford Henderson’s salary”

A patently false declaration, simply because, as Henderson pointed out, Flint Michigan pays her salary.

Mayor Weaver terminated Henderson without supplying any other reason.

Natasha and her attorney first searched to resolve the issue with the city.

Originally, a great deal of the city council supported her.

Thia altered after Mayor Weaver organised a ‘closed door meeting’ with the Flint City Council.

In the course of which Henderson was presumably “disparaged and defamed.”

The vote was 9-0 to Natasha Henderson’s dismissal.

Now Henderson’s taking her fight to the courts.

Her lawsuit states that not simply was Henderson’s agreement with the city breached.

Her First Amendment rights and the guarantees furnished by the Michigan Whistle-blower Protection Act were violated.

The lawsuit also states the Flint City Council wasn’t completely aware of Henderson’s whistleblower claims.

When they voted to support her firing.

Even though this would undoubtedly be considered as an extraordinary case of eye-catching corruption in any other city, the reality that it appeared from Flint appears especially outrageous.

Then again, it should not be significantly of a surprise.

One may possibly be likely to consider that along with the months of intensive scrutiny of the water crisis in Flint, sketchy politicians and leaders can be willing to try to clean up their acts.

Or at the very least , attempt to be less overt about it but obviously, that is not so.

That is due to the fact, tragically, Flint is becoming a magnet for these types of individuals and this kind of blase behavior.

The victimization and injustice that continues to befall Flint’s citizens is consequently significantly entrenched that someone like Mayor Karen Weaver.

Apparently considering that she could in some way get away with basically stealing charity funds for her own political use regardless of being under the nation’s microscope.

Why shouldn’t she?

In regards of reviewing the details of Henderson’s lawsuit, it is crystal clear Weaver has men and women covering her back.

Namely, Flint’s legal council, who practically undoubtedly alerted Weaver to Henderson’s request to open a misconduct probe.

It would seem that City Administrator Natasha Henderson is amongst the few Flint officials seeking to do their jobs with integrity and for that she was unfairly punished.

The fate of the city employee who informed Henderson to Weaver’s apparent misconduct is not known.

on the other hand if she were identified it is probably she would face retaliation as well.



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