SUPER POWERFUL!!! US Military CH-53 Military Transport Helicopter Aircraft


A great video of the Powerful US Military CH-53 Military Helicopter aircraft doing heavy lift transport. MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. – In combat, supplies and vehicles are a must and in most cases, they need to be transported fast from one place to another.

Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 361 “Flying Tigers” performed an external lift exercise for that purpose aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif., Nov. 20. The exercise consisted of two CH-53E Super Stallions flying to the Camp Pendleton area at different times to transport heavy cargo to various locations.

“For those that have done it like me, it’s not a difficult task, kind of like a giant claw-grabbing game,” said Cpl. Michael Coager, crew chief with HMH-361 from Tulsa, Okla. “However, for someone’s first time, it can be extremely overwhelming with all the commands from the radio, necessary actions and overall communication within and outside of the helicopter during each lift.”

The Super Stallions went through four practice lifts. They lifted simulated tanks and Humvees, which is a mission often flown on deployment.

The simulated vehicles, made from wood to resemble the vehicles, were carefully connected to a single-point hook hanging from the helicopter with the assistance of Marines from Combat Logistics Regiment 17 on the ground.

“The flight was an overall success between everyone,” said Lt. Col. Manlee J. Herrington, commanding officer of HMH-361. “There was smooth communication between those on the aircraft and those on the ground, which was necessary for the exercise.”

Exercises like these greatly assist the unit’s overall mission readiness in the field. The Flying Tigers and their Super Stallions will be ready when Marines need supplies delivered or heavy extractions performed.

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