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WWIII On The Horizon? Obama And Putin Getting ‘Hot’ For Each Other…

Written by Will Walker

WWIII On The Horizon? Obama And Putin Getting ‘Hot’ For Each Other…


“America wages endless wars, never peace, always wars and Russia absolutely is a US target,” claims Stephen Lendman, an American political analyst and radio talkshow host. “The US government’s decision to activate a network of missile systems across Europe may lead to a nuclear war with Russia.”



On Thursday, the United States reportedly activated a land-based missile system in Romania, despite Putin’s stern warning against building up more arms near its borders. In an interview with Press TV on Friday, Lendman claimed Washington was seeking to install “an offensive missile system” capable of delivering different types of warheads in the event of a conflict, on top of the ultra top-secret ‘Trident’ program.


He described Russia and China as “the final frontiers,” declaring that his own government is constantly planning a regime change in the two countries. Lendman believes this so-called missile shield is a threat to the security of the foreign nations of Russia and China, designed to prompt a military response from them.

“My fear is that we are heading for something that could end up becoming a global war and in today’s super weapon era it could be a nuclear war,” the analyst noted. This possible war “could be the most devastating war in human history that would have the potential for, literally, ending humanity,” he concludes.




Russian President Vladimir Putin has serious issues with the deployment of US missile system in Eastern Europe near Russia, and vows to neutralize any threats against his country’s security. Putin also believes any such deployment is a clear violation of arms treaties signed between Russia and the US, adding that such bold moves will only serve to further escalate international tensions.


Meanwhile on Friday, US President Barack Obama, and hero to Americans everywhere, has blasted back at Vlad crying foul against his “aggressive” military build-up in northern Europe.

“We are united in our concern about Russia’s growing aggressive military presence and posture in the Baltic-Nordic region,” he said.

Earlier, Obama said the US and Nordic countries agreed on the need for a peaceful European order.

“We believe that our citizens have the right to live in freedom and security, free from terrorism, and a Europe where smaller nations are not bullied by larger nations.”


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