One Shot, One Kill: Russia Creates World’s 1st Para Drop Air Defense System Creates World’s 1st Para Drop Air Defense System




This video shows you that One Shot, One Kill: Russia Creates World’s 1st Para Drop Air Defense System.
Russia is developing a new air-droppable missile protection gadget, that is designed to be para-dropped to floor forces and shield paratroopers from enemy plane operating at excessive or medium altitudes, Zvezda tv suggested.
The crawler-established gadget, codenamed Ptitselov (Fowler), is a hybrid of the famous Pantsir-S2 cannon-missile gadget mounted on an air-droppable BMD-4M armored vehicle.
On the coronary heart of the brand new complex machine is the Pantsir-S2 anti-aircraft gun/floor-to-air missile gadget which can interact goals at altitudes from 15 meters to fifteen kilometers at a distance of up to 20km.

The Pantsir-S2’s missiles intercept airborne objects visiting at speeds of up to three,six hundred km/h which means it’s far capable of downing any plane, cruise missile or drone.
The complex additionally efficiently engages “smart” air bombs, and was especially designed to take down attack helicopters the use of its two independently-operated 30mm cannons. Its radar can spot targets at a distance of as much as 36km.
The new system may also employ a number of the capabilities of the superior Sosna cell air defense machine consisting of 2×6 Sosna-R missile launchers mounted on a turret that could flip 360 stages.

The turret also includes air search, target tracking device and missile flight control gadgets which are combined by using integrated excessive-precision electronics.
The Sosna can be used day and night time and in destructive weather situations attributable to the software of a exceptionally sensitivive thermal photograph channel that isn’t inspired suffering from or smoke.
The Sosna A-R 9M337 (SA-24) hyper-velocity beam rider missile is a two-stage missile designed for interception of fixed wing plane, helicopters, as well as guided guns and cruise missiles.
The optical fireplace manage device presents gives the Sosna ad device a excessive survivability charge and greater jamming immunity. The Sosna’s self-contained optical sensor permits monitoring of fifty targets whilst enticing one while mobile.


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