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Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro Declares State-Of-Emergency Due To Food Shortages, Looting And Economic Collapse


A full-fledged economic collapse is taking place in Venezuela right now.

The nation is running out of water, electricity, and food.

Over the last 2 weeks, numerous provinces have organised moments of looting in pharmacies, shopping malls, supermarkets, and food delivery trucks.

In a number of markets, the men and women shouted “we are hungry!”.

This is a overview of what Americans is going to be experiencing in the distant future.

Merely a couple of years ago, the majority of Venezuelans didn’t ever have imagine that food shortages will turn out to be so extreme that people would literally hunt dogs and cats for food.

However , this is currently taking place.

Regrettably, this is exactly what the endgame of socialism looks like.


As soon as an “all-powerful government” is elevated significantly above all other establishments in society and revolutionary leftists are given the keys to the “kingdom”, this is certainly the result.

Food shortages, looting and widespread violent crime have developed into part of daily life in Venezuela, and also we all must watch as this unfolds very cautiously, simply because similar scenarios will eventually be playing out throughout the planet.

The citizens are hunting dogs, cats, and pigeons for food in urban streets.

The amusing thing is that Venezuela in fact has more “wealth” than nearly all countries in the world.

In accordance to the CIA, Venezuela in reality has far more proven oil reserves than other people on the globe such as Saudi Arabia.

On April 27,2016, The Venezuelan Chamber of Food revealed that the country’s food suppliers only had fifteen days left of inventory.

In accordance to the testimonies of merchants, men and women started jumping over the gates of the Maracay Wholesale Market.

One eye witness informed El Estímulo, “They took milk, pasta, flour, oil, and milk powder. There were 5,000 people.”

Another witness stated, “There were 250 people for each National Guard officer . . . lots of people and few soldiers. At least one officer was beat up because he tried to stop the crowd.”

An entrance gate collapsed underneath the weight of the crowd.

The looting and chaos led into at least two deaths, a multitude of wounded, and $1,000,000..00’s in losses and damages.

Meza explained that in 3/2016, Venezuela’s hyperinflation led to a 582.9% boost in food prices. At the same time, as fundamental products became progressively scarce.“Prices are so high that you can’t buy anything, so people don’t buy bread, they don’t buy flour. You get porridge, you see the price of chicken go up and families struggle … lunch is around 1,500 bolivars… People used to take food from home to work, but now you can’t anymore because you don’t have food at home.”

On 5/13/16 in the capital of Venezuela, Caracas, riot police encountered a hungry mob of protesters.

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro announced a sixty day state of emergency.

Transferring the blame right from his failed government, he justified the state of emergency as a counter-measure towards a plot to subvert him by Venezuela’s “fascist right” and the United States.

Yet, Maduro did not provide specifics.


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