“We Are Living And Breathing World War III,” Claims Former Naval Intelligence Officer

Written by Will Walker

“We are living and breathing World War III,” claims former Naval Intelligence Officer Steve Rogers, also warning that the Brussels attack was a “prelude to what’s coming here.”
“This is a world war. Until the United States government [and] Western governments understand that and come to grips with that, we are going to end up in serious shape.”

Rogers believes the way to defeat ISIS is by launching massive military strikes, imposing tougher diplomatic policies and ramping up homeland security.


Steve Rogers


“I thank the Lord that these terrorists were captured in Belgium because they will use all means necessary to extract from these terrorists what they need to know to save lives,” Rogers noted. Some reports indicate that the Brussels terrorists were planning to attack a nuclear power plant. They had been stalking a nuke plant director, and intended to kidnap him, thus gaining access to the power plant.

The Brussels terrorists allegedly had recorded 12 hours of reconnaissance footage of the home of the Research and Development Director of the Belgian Nuclear Programme, discovered in an apartment in Brussels raided shortly after the Paris attack. The plan was apparently to cause a nuclear meltdown in Brussels and unleash a nuclear holocaust in the heart of the EU.



Such revelations raise concern about a lack of border security in America, as indicated by the popularity of The Donald’s ‘build a wall’ idea. ISIS terror cells tend to operate with full autonomy and typically use encrypted messaging services for communications making them nearly impossible to locate and predict. Each independent cell determines what targets and method to utilize, and they have somehow been trained in a variety of advanced military tactics. They have the ability to enter the USA and European countries under the guise of being “refugees” or “migrants,” but once established in the target country, they are able to blend in and gather intelligence on their intended targets.

Add to this the current climate of ‘political correctness’ and anti-islamaphobia in the liberal media, and we have a recipe for disaster. Secretary of State Ashton Carter has stated that the risk of large scale, coordinated attacks is unlikely, but has indicated there is a continued risk of so called ‘lone wolf’ attacks. Meanwhile, there are 61 active nuclear power plants in the US with 99 reactors in 30 states.




Nuclear terrorism is by far the most devastating form of terrorism because of the radioactive fallout that has the potential to kill or sicken millions of people in the immediate area. Some of the radioactive isotopes unleashed by a nuclear meltdown persist in the environment for millions of years, while others (such as cesium-137) unleash intense radiation that contaminates soils and food for 200 – 300 years.

As we all learned from the Fukushima meltdown, all it would take to achieve a nuclear fuel “critical event” is cut to off the primary power and backup power sources feeding the cooling pumps. From there, the laws of physics take over and a meltdown is a matter of time.

U.S. nuclear power plants are built with containment buildings (unlike the Chernobyl facility in Ukraine), but terrorists might possibly compromise them with explosive materials such as what was used in Brussels two months ago. Just one compromised nuclear plant meltdown could release deadly radioactive material into the air and it could even be blown across the continental United States affecting densely populated urban areas in its path.




The FBI is currently tracking over 40,000 potential terrorists nationwide, and many of these are considered either affiliated with or sympathetic to ISIS. While the Obama administration sets off a stink bomb over what bathroom to use, Americans are completely forgetting about Donald Trump’s insistent warnings over Muslim immigration. In fact, the presumptive Republican nominee is now locked in a war of words with London’s new mayor, Sadiq Khan.

This world war is being played out on multiple fronts: not only by ISIS terrorists, but world leaders, politicians, and even major religious institutions appear to be playing along. The vast majority of the world population seems to be but mere pawns in these global chess games by major players. A wide variety of ‘trigger events’ could easily bring all of these factors together into a global meltdown unlike anything ever experienced in recorded history.

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