The Biggest Environmental Disaster That No One Is Talking About



The California gas leak is the largest methane leak in the United States history.

In February 2016, near Porter Ranch, California at the Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Facility, approximately 100,000 tons of methane gas ended up being released in the atmosphere right before it was plugged.

The Aliso Canyon breach was an intense example of an issue that has an effect on natural gas storage facilities throughout the country.

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The threat of large leaks is especially evident at natural gas fields that had been transformed into underground gas storage facilities.

Just like Aliso Canyon, in accordance to Geologist Briana Mordick.

Who is a senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Faulty equipment, sloppy maintenance and irregular inspections can generate seepages and allow them to remain a problem.

Matt Watson, Associate Vice President for the EDF (Environmental Defense Funds) climate and energy program, informed The Huffington Post: “[Inspectors] run across cases all the time where somebody’s just left a hatch open,” Watson said. “If you’re not out there looking for these things on a regular basis, you won’t see or smell these emissions.”

The American Petroleum, the oil and gas industry’s main trade association, in the United States said in a statement last year that the industry is currently taking steps to find and fix methane leaks.

This leak has attracted remarkably very little attention outside the West Coast.

This particular methane gas leak is twenty-five miles northwest of Los Angeles.

Displacing 1000’s of families and posturing arguably “the worst environmental catastrophe”, since the 2010 BP oil spill along the Gulf Coast.

The rupture was in an underground containment system piped from the Aliso Canyon, extracting 100’s of miles away in Texas, the Rocky Mountains and the Midwest.


Beleaguered Southern California utility officials points out there is absolutely no way to staunch the rupture for a minimum of another few months.

Meanwhile, the gas continues to be escaping into the air at a rate of nearly 1,300 metric tons a day.

The leak has forced the evacuation of 1,700 homes in nearby neighborhoods, closed 2 schools, and residents are sick by the stench of the gas.

For a state plague by drought, wildfires, giant sinkholes and other natural calamities; the gas leak has blossomed as the number one environmental concern of Democratic Governor Jerry Brown.

He is an ambitious environmentalist who is especially concerned concerning combating climate change.

Separate from the instantaneous chaos caused by the leak, the longer-term implications for the environment has shaken government officials, scientists and environmental groups.


in addition to it could very well seriously set back the Obama Administration’s high profile initiatives to reduce green house gas emissions in which contribute directly to global warming.

According to the ECF that is in cooperation with the nonprofit Earthworks as of this week, the California leak has spewed over 73,000 metric tons of methane gas directly into the atmosphere.

The two companies just released an aerial video that utilizes an infrared camera to highlight the gas escape.

Chief Executive Dennis Arriola stated in a letter to Governor Jerry Brown, “SoCal Gas recognizes the impact this incident is having on the environment.”
“I want to assure the public that we intend to mitigate environmental impacts from the actual natural gas released from the leak and will work with state officials to develop a framework that will help us achieve this goal.”

The oil and gas industry has a major methane problem, according to an extensive environmental study.

This is a major problem in the United states.


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Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

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