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The End Is Nigh: The Reasons Why People Are Obsessed With “The End Of The World”


Society’s infatuation with “the end of the world” is linked to the deeper reality that we fear the unknown.

Maybe we put our personal whirl on just how the end will unfold as a way to cope with that fear.

We have come to be pros at creating theories concerning “the end of the world” instead of dealing with the fear itself.

When the disciples asked when and how the end of the world will come, Jesus said, “Only the Father knows.” God is far more concerned about our trust in Him rather than our knowledge of a timeline. There is only one way we can be saved from danger and destruction.


We will never be saved by the “power” or ideals of America.

We will not be saved by the integrated forces of everyone all over the world.

The only saving we will encounter is the salvation that comes from a higher power, Jesus.

While every little thing in this world appears to be unstable and unpredictable, we continue to hold on to the hope .

In the end, we will see God is so much stronger than our fears. We don’t have to be afraid of what may come. God is for us, and His power will sustain us through whatever we face (Romans 8:31).

After thorough research and countless surveys I have come up with 10 of the overwhelming reasons why we are obsessed with it.

To begin I must say, the end is nigh.

Any day of the week there consistently appears to be some terminal apocalypse just around the corner, ready to convey ruin to all of us plus severe hardship to the gullible.

This is true, not just in regards to the 2012 Mayan prediction, yet consistently throughout human history.

that goes back to Pre-Roman times.


So why our fixation?

The top 10:

10. An blown up sense of self-importance.
9. It supplies a sense of meaning.
8. It is about a basic human need: power IE: Apocalyptic predictions are a way for people to try to control the way their (and others’) world works.
7. It’s a collective death wish.
6. We are all bored: Life can seem grimingly dull sometimes. Same job, groundhog day.
5. It is predicted…:…by every single religion.
4. It is common sense: IE: Robert Oppenheimer had a bet with other members of the Manhattan Project as to whether or not the first atom bomb (that they were about to set off) would commence a chain reaction that will demolish the earth’s atmosphere.
3. There are no consequences if there is no tomorrow.
2. It makes us understand ourselves considerably better :Look at any half-decent apocalyptic sci-fi movie. It is an exceptional opportunity to examine our species as a whole.
1. You are right : It is effortless to mock people who have attempted to predict an apocalypse and were unsuccessful.

Yet, pondering the ways the world might end, or even the timing of that end, may perhaps be fulfilling a basic human need.

If we possess solely the briefest cameo as a tiny species of carbon-based bipeds in a relatively in a never ending epic, shouldn’t we make the most of it in these brief moments that we are on stage?

An interesting question for me is why so many men and women, so frequently, are attracted to these tales of approaching destruction?

Why do we want it to be “the end of days”, and to have the apocalypse, now?

Today,according to Newton, the world will end in 2060.

None the less, what about all the other predictions?

We are still here.


What is an apocalypse?

The end of….

What people want to escape from.

The 4 horsemen of apocalypse:

Conquest, War, Famine and Death.


What is the cost we have to pay for nucklier weapons : loss of human kind.


We would like to know what you think.

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