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Trump- American Hero Or Zionist Messiah?

Written by Will Walker

Trump- American Hero Or Zionist Messiah?

Mark Dankof, a former US Senate candidate, is not clear yet whether Donald Trump, if elected president of the United States, will turn against the Zionist lobby and Israel or sell out those Americans who have put their trust in him. Dankof is also a broadcaster and pastor based in San Antonio, Texas, and made these remarks in an interview with Press TV on a Sunday.




“Trump is an enigma. And when we look at Trump we see that there is a divide on the anti-New World Order and anti-Zionist right regard to whether or not we should be supporting Donald Trump,” Dankof said. On the one hand he claims, friends like Michael Collins Piper and Nathanael Kapner have exposed Trump’s “longtime relationship with the Zionist entity and to the Zionist community in New York.”


“Trump keeps sending mixed signals. On the one hand he talks about America First. On the one hand he talks about these crazy Middle Eastern military involvements. He’s saying some of the right things of having legitimate diplomatic relationship with Vladimir Putin, and putting a lease on NATO, even getting out of NATO,” Dankof claims.
“He said a series of good things about cutting American financial commitments, defense South Africa and Japan, given the American economy,” he said.
“And yet nonetheless on the other hand, he has more recent plans, and said a series of things that are absolutely alarming on this whole subject of Israel and Zionism.”
“Look at Trump when he appeared before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee! That speech was written by his Jewish son in law with direct input of the Israeli ambassador to the United States. Trump had said all of the wrong things,” he said.
“About Trump’s recognition of [Jerusalem] as the unified eternal capital of the ‘state’ of Israel, that sounds like from the Likud public affairs office. And then Trump has made a series of statements how he has no problem with Israel continuing its settlements,” he pointed out.
“Now on top of all of this, we have this latest situation where there has been a political and economic understanding reached between Donald Trump and Sheldon Adelson,” he continued.




US Republican mega-donor and hard-line Zionist Sheldon Adelson recently endorsed Trump’s candidacy and pledged to spend up to $100 million for his presidential campaign, which Trump originally claimed would be fully self-financed.

“The question is who Trump is deceiving?”

“Is he deceiving the Zionist lobby in this country? Will he turn on them when he becomes the president of the United States and pursue a better course? Or he will sell out those who have put their trust in him at some point simply because he is not Hillary Clinton?” he asked.

“That’s the sixty-four thousand dollar question. I don’t have crystal ball on that one, but that is the question of the day,” he argued.
“Trump is the horse of many people of my political ilk this year simply because he isn’t Clinton. But at the end of the day, we have to be open to the fact that taking the risk of voting for Trump because he is not Hillary Clinton might well blow up in our faces,” he concluded.


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