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Who Are Those ‘Evil’ Elites… Exactly??? The TRUTH May Be Shocking!!!

Written by Will Walker

Who Are Those ‘Evil’ Elites… Exactly??? The TRUTH May Be Shocking!!!



Much ado is made today about the evil masters trying to take over the world. Most folks will immediately think of that elusive ‘upper 1%’ with all the money and all the women and all the power. People like Donald Trump, perhaps. Many like to imagine they are alien invaders hell bent on conquering this planet to strip it of all its natural resources and beauty. A few even like to speak of ‘reptilian shape shifters’ which sit on thrones and are even more admired by the masses than a thousand Donald Trumps.


However, whom exactly do you think these people in positions of power actually serve? The Devil perhaps? To answer this important question, consider the fact that if you asked for more gas in your car, this was done for you:



If you asked for electricity in your house, this was done for you:


If you asked for more toys to play with, this was done for you:


If you asked for a clean place to live, this was done for you:


If you asked for more steaks in the freezer, this was done for you:


If you asked to be protected from terrorists, this was done for you:


So again comes the question: Who are the elites? Who are the alien invaders? Who are the reptiles? Kings and Queens? Bishops and Rabbis? Presidents and Politicians? Lawyers and bankers? These are the people which we elect to represent US. They have done as we have asked them to. They have lied, cheated and stolen to gain our admiration and our trust. And once again, they are asking for us to select a new leader of the free world.




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