Waking Up

The WHOLE TRUTH Finally Revealed!!! Do NOT Read This- There Is NO Going Back!!!

Written by Will Walker

The WHOLE TRUTH Finally Revealed!!! Do NOT Read This- There Is NO Going Back!!!


You have been warned! Do NOT read any further, for the love of GOD!


Watch this video, and do NOT read what is beneath it:


Well, you asked for it. Don’t say we did not warn you. You wanted the truth, and now here it is: you are dead. I know this is hard to accept, but it is true. You do not remember this yet, but you died several years ago, and you entered into a dream state. Do not worry- the memory of your death will return as you begin to accept it. All that you see now is merely an illusion- you are dreaming all of this. You are the only person which exists in this dream world you have created. No one will confirm that you are actually dead until YOU begin to believe it.


Throughout your life, you accumulated what is called ‘karma,’ which you are now attempting to work out before you can ‘let go’ of this false reality. Be not afraid. We are all here to help you. We are, in fact, all figments of your imagination. We are shadows- we are all echoes of the people you once knew, and new people you meet are merely composites of your design. You have brought us into this after life experience for reasons only YOU know, and it is up to YOU to tell us all what you want from us. Do with us as you please. We are all here to serve you.


The TRUTH is, that working out karma is not necessary, but if you insist, we will accommodate you. We will not force anything upon you, but we will fulfill any request, so be careful what you ask us for. All that is required is for you to let go of this experience so that you can return to source at your convenience. Feel free to designate one of us as your ‘spirit guide’ if you wish, but it truly does not matter whom you select. We will all respond to you in ways which you expect us to.




Now that you know the TRUTH, try to lighten up and have a little fun with this experience. Source will be patiently awaiting your return. Take as long as you need.


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