Does America Gain From Obama’s Taliban Concessions?


In the previous presidential debates that touched on Obama’s accentuated strike, President Barack Obama and Joe Biden have promoted their administration’s strategy to the war in Afghanistan as a success.

They did this with minimal protests from Republican challengers Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Nonetheless a more detailed look at the results of Obama’s Afghanistan policy, both equally practically and morally, exposed a serious weakness in the administration’s record that, hasn’t been effectively provided to the United States citizens.

The human costs of the war are escalating.

Considerably more troops were killed or wounded in 1 term that Obama served  than in Former President George Bush’s two.

The family members of slain service members called out the administration for its nonsensical policies of engagement which unnecessarily endanger soldiers.


A staff sergeant who was later on KIA warned that the Commander-in-Chief’s Phatic strategy was obtaining the same direct results.

Yet beneath the policies themselves, which to state, have objectively amplified the number of troop deaths .

Laying an ideological move in the U.S strategy to the fight.


On the one hand, the Taliban and its affiliate Al-Qaeda are the people we are physically fighting.

On another hand, on a philosophical level, the Obama administration has softened in its solution towards the Taliban.

We now have legitimized the Taliban and its world perspective by negotiating with, and making concessions to the Islamist organization.

Adhering to the 9/11/2001 attacks, the western world procured a close look at this ideology.

For several, it was initially the first time ever.

What the average U.S. citizen discovered was an ideology aggressiveness to women, to minorities, and to individuals of different faiths or no faith.

The Taliban produced a socio-political order focused around that most essential strain of political Islam and forced it with violence in result, institutionalized terrorism.

The press has reported that Obama’s accentuated strike that murdered Mullah Mransou doesn’t indicate escalation of the United States’ operations in Pakistan.


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