Special Operations Forces In Downtown Tampa

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TAMPA Fla.– If you will be in the downtown Tampa area Wednesday, you shouldn’t be concerned if you are looking at armed soldiers storming the place.

A special forces operations team is carrying out exercises all over Harbor Island in the downtown area Tampa this afternoon.

The soldiers will probably be in helicopters, scaling building, bridges and boats. Forces from around 15 countries are taking part in the activities.

Troops will be currently taking on mock adversaries and saving “hostages” next to the Convention Center. Soldiers additionally will be in ATVs and Humvees.

The annual demonstration concentrates on combating terrorism in an urban atmosphere. Teams from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines are taking part.

The demos, taking place in the course of the day, are open to the public. Officials are informing the public that the best observing spot is on the northern tip of Harbor Island and the Harbor Island bridge.

The exhibit is a part of the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, which is currently taking place this week at the Tampa Convention Center.

Special Forces Operations activities today in downtown Tampa

Public asked to view the activities during the day at Harbor Island

Part of the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference.

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