9/11 And Ground Zero

9/11 Families Betrayed By The 9/11 Saudi Suit Bill


Politicians in both Democrat and Republican parties dash to do the Saudis’ bidding.

The U.S. can endure an opportunity if people come across any politicians willingness to stand up to the menacing House of Saudi.

In the New York Post, May 24, 2016 by Paul Sperry,“Schumer upends 9/11 Saudi suit bill at 11th hour.”

The week of May, 22 – 28, 2016, unanimous approval of a Senate bill creating it easier for 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia and other foreign terror beneficiaries was extensively heralded as a significant victory.


It is far more of a harsh hoax.

It turns out, only just before the vote, Sen. Charles Schumer and other advocates of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act jammed an modification into the final draft.

Enabling the attorney general and secretary of state to prevent any litigation versus the Saudis in its tracks.

Yes, the JASTA would likely eliminate the statutory limitations that have held back 9/11 families from acquiring the Saudi kingdom to court.

Nonetheless, Schumer assisted in the craft of a completely brand new section to the original bill.

Giving the Justice and State departments the capability to stay court activity consistently.

All they need to do is notify the judge in the case that the United States Government has involved with ­Riyadh in diplomatic discussions to solve the issue.


The silents, concealed from the public view of the controversial bill clarifies why it passed without having a single Republican or Democratic objection.

The White House lobbied senators to a great extent to eliminate the bill.

The section that was tucked in at the last minute states, “Stay of Actions Pending State Negotiations”.

This simply leaves it up to the secretary of state to simply “certify” that the U.S. is “engaged in good-faith discussions with the foreign-state defendant concerning the resolution of claims against the foreign state.”

In turn, the attorney general, can petition the court for an extension of the stay for “additional 180-day periods,” successfully delaying lawsuits towards the Saudis consistently.

Schumer’s office aimed to the Democrat’s remarks in the Congressional Record where he says that “if the administration seeks to use this new authority, it should be prepared to provide substantial evidence of good-faith negotiations to the court.”

The lawyers for 9/11 families point out they were definitely guaranteed by Schumer and co-sponsor Senator John Cornyn, a republican of Texas, that the government would have to come forward together with “real and tangible” evidence to secure a stay.

Yet, 9/11 families declare they feel betrayed.


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Source : The New York Post

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