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Russian Pilot Recorded Planet X On Camera; Putin Is Hush Hushed


The reputable Russian dashcams still provide astounding pictures from space. Years ago, we thanked dashcam pictures for giving the world a exclusive perspective on the meteor that struck the country and induced substantial damage. At this point, a jet fighter dashcam has unsurprisingly found Planet X. Subsequently, Vladimir Putin could care less.


Planet Nibiru, better identified as Planet X, has been discovered by a Russian jet fighter while performing a routine flyover. The dashcam video displays a SFF (standard flying formation) when abruptly a circular red orb shows up next to the sun. Halfway through the video clip, the red orb gradually comes next to our star which countless consider to be the mystical Planet X. Others think this is a simple occurrence of lens flare, nevertheless, that is a cop out all too popular with the government right now. gives us an update to the Planet 9 issue:


Planet 9 is not part of the original members of the solar system. According to the new research by the astronomers at the Lund University in Swede, the mysterious ninth planet is an exoplanet.

The intriguing Planet may have been “pushed” by other planets, that when it ended up in the orbit too wide around its own star, the sun might have taken the chance to steal and get Planet 9 from the original star. Researcher Alexander Mustill further explained that when the sun eventually retreated from the stellar cluster wherein it was born, the ninth planet remained in an orbit around the sun.

Most of the stars were born in clusters. The newborn stars’ orbits often place them in a considerably close proximity. Based on the new simulation, our sun and another star passed by one another and our sun’s gravitational pull was able to pull in an exoplanet, an incident which has gone unnoticed until recently, Daily Galaxy reported.

Astronomers believe that there is a possibility that before the stealing, Planets 9, which is otherwise known as Planet X, was pushed to the outside edges of its original star system by the other planet. Evidence was also presented by the researchers in The Astrophysical Journal earlier this year indicating the presence of the ninth planet. Based on the report, the astronomers were able to interpret its existence by examining the orbits of numerous icy objects past Neptune. They noticed that the orbits of these Kuiper belt objects, or KBOs, have the same anomalies. suggests that  Planet 9 is stolen exoplanet:


Researchers presented evidence of the presence of a ninth planet earlier this year in The Astrophysical Journal. Astronomers were able to infer its existence by studying the orbits of several icy objects beyond Neptune. Scientists noticed the orbits of these Kuiper belt objects, or KBOs, all feature similar anomalies.

The orbital oddities suggested the objects were all being affected by a singular source, the gravity of a large object — Planet 9.

“There is still no image of Planet 9, not even a point of light. We don’t know if it is made up of rock, ice, or gas,” Mustill added. “All we know is that its mass is probably around ten times the mass of Earth.”

Right now, the exoplanet theory is just that — a theory. More research is required to confirm the planet’s true origin.

The theory was published this week in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Letters.


While this Russian video may very well be hard proof, NASA, and many other astronomers have acknowledged about the existence of Planet X for quite some time. As with many NASA findings, this one was covered up, or at least they believed. The whereabouts of Nibiru are all but known by UFO hunters but they think they are getting closer. Besides the truth that we may have a 10th planet, Nibiru holds significance to many conspiracy theorists. Connections between crop circles and the bible have been made to Nibiru that further propose a deeper importance that we are yet to uncover. Despite the fact that it was a Russian jet that made the finding, Vladimir Putin is anything but impressed.


The explanation why Vladimir Putin has not produced any statements related to Planet X is because it is not new news to him. Putin may be in cahoots with aliens and there is evidence in accordance with UFO experts. Seemingly there is footage of an alien craft hovering about St. Petersburg, the hometown of the president. Who knows what kind of conversation they would be having or if Putin is one of them. It would definitely clarify his stoic and strange behavior. Guaranteed, Russian’s have always been a bit weird but currently we have an answer. How far does this lineage go back? Was Stalin an alien? Stravinsky? What about the bad guy from Rocky IV? Whether their complete race is alien or not, at least they gave the world vodka.

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