Anti-Trump Forces May Impose Martial Law Or Cancel The Election – Jim Bakker

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When televangelist Jim Bakker and far-right writer Michael Snyder talked about the upcoming presidential election last week, each were somewhat excited about the prospect of Donald Trump winning in November.

That is, if the election ever takes place.

Equally Bakker and Snyder presumed that powerful forces may attempt to cancel the election, and Bakker cautioned that we “may not even get to the election” because “there’s going to be a martial law declared.” “Some have in fact prophesied this,” Bakker included.


Bakker reminisced about the time he interviewed Ronald Reagan in 1979, which he labeled “the day Ronald Reagan became prophet.” Sadly, Bakker stated he doesn’t have any footage of this momentous meeting with Reagan, but he has previously stated that Reagan warned during the interview about America turning into Sodom and Gomorrah.

Snyder, on the other hand, pushed viewers to pray for Trump’s safety because “the elite are going to move heaven and earth to do whatever is necessary to keep Donald Trump out of the White House,” incorporating that such elites “are not above launching false flag attacks” or creating “some type of event so that they can cancel or suspend the election.”

This prompted Bakker to lay claim that he has personally been the target of false flag attacks “by some people” who “were trying to kill me.”

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