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Don’t Look At This! 5 Secret Places Censored On Google Maps

Written by JayWill7497


There is certainly no doubt that Google Earth satellites are the ultimate spying tool.

With the assistance of a computer anyone can simply key in an address and have a nosy around getting up close to some of the most famed locations on earth.

But while you can hit up the White House, Buckingham Palace, the Egyptian Pyramids, the Great Wall of China and even get a bird’s eye view of the The Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang at the click of a mouse – some mapped sites are entirely out of bounds.

Conspiracy theorists have exposed a host of sites online that are hidden through pixelation, blurring or have a case of total wipe out.

I’ve picked some of those sites and gone behind the scenes to figure out why they are so taboo.

Don’t look at this! From Earth’s strangest locations to those secret sites governments do not want you to see, Google’s maps exposes plenty of oddities and hidden wonders from the sky. Here, I present just some of the secret and bizarre places exposed with Google’s satellites.

5 mysterious places Google Maps and Google Earth really don’t want you to see.

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