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Shocking! Germany And Texas Floods: Proof Both Are Entirely Manmade

Written by JayWill7497


Last week a National Guard soldier was killed when his vehicle was washed away. Yesterday 5 soldiers were killed (4 still missing) at Fort Hood when their Military Transport was washed away. All of these soldiers are casualties of war that the population still doesn’t know we are in.

In Germany the worst flooding in 60 years has washed away entire towns as an identical deluge has ravaged that country for a week. Paris, France and other countries in Europe have been deluged as well. As I say frequently, exactly the same assaults happen in almost every country on the planet and after 50 years of ‘boiling (or in this case – drowning) the frog,’ the increase in this broad daylight manufactured weather methodology is incredibly easy for anyone who takes five minutes to understand it to see… yet 99.9% of the population remains completely unaware and constantly at the mercy of this daily reality.

At this point, not only is the reason for this disconnect obvious, it’s infuriatingly redundant for me to talk about. In the last decade as cyberspace and ‘social media’ have become the foundation of ‘consciousness’ and ‘awareness’ in this global society, it has made the cooption and manipulation of that ‘consciousness,’ incredibly easy. The methodology of disinformation and misinformation to keep people distracted from any reality at all has exponentially mushroomed in this ‘social media’ driven environment, and as a result, the population is more meticulously stupefied – than ever before in history.

Just as evaporating water creating clouds is easy to understand, the manipulation of social consciousness is easy to understand as well. Every single day a meaningless misdirection is trumped up (I suppose – pun intended), and is easily made / forced to “trend” (via the massive manufactured artificial social media population).

These daily ridiculous “trending topics” are delivered to puppet mainstream media talking heads (who are equally oblivious to the manufactured nature of these “trending topics”), who report on them – as if they are “real” concerns of the ‘population.’ Thus, the population’s ‘consciousness’ is exposed to and consumed by whatever the daily manufactured distraction is via mainstream media and social media, in the time left over that isn’t consumed by their wage slavery for survival existence. In reality, it’s a very simple formula.


Need and example? On the Today Show this morning – after spending three minutes on the torrential floods and resulting dead soldiers – they spent the rest of the half hour on the ‘Gorilla controversy’ (for the fifth day in a row), Trump calling Hillary names, Trump supporters getting hit with eggs, and the associated manufactured “protest” conflicts (again deliberately fueled on both sides via social media).

Steven Hawking (who endeavors to explain time, space, and quantum reality) was recently asked to explain Donald Trump’s “popularity.” He said “I can’t explain it. Trump appeals to the lower common denominator.” However, I just explained Trump’s popularity (or at least how it is ‘manufactured’) in two paragraphs. It’s the same way all of those ‘controversies,’ ‘protests,’ and daily distractions from what is really going on are generated. As if the completely dominated platform of Twitter wasn’t bad enough, this morning they announced that Snapchat (an app that ERASES ANY TRACE of messages five seconds after they are sent – which is obviously a PERFECT platform for terrorism, psychological terrorism, and manufactured reality of all flavors) just surpassed Twitter for number of daily users (150 million vs 140 million). If you don’t know (or can’t imagine) what these ‘platforms’ are being developed and used for, you just aren’t paying attention.

As my viewers are aware, I am a Patriot – in the true sense of the word. Not in the blind and ignorant nationalistic way, or as coded cover for ingrained racism, but as a committed defender of the Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave, and of all people who live in this country… the same reason that our brave men and women serve in our Military Services.

One of the methodical misdirections about this global assault (and SOP aspects of the operation itself), is that “the United States Military is responsible” for all of it. Needless to say, I don’t believe for one minute that the United States Military is responsible for drowning their own bases and soldiers in Texas for weeks on end. If the United States Military knew how easy it would be to prevent these daily attacks on our own soil (that cost lives and billions in damages on a weekly basis), I have no doubt they would act. I have no doubt the militaries of every other country would act if they knew what was happening in their countries as well.

The challenge is getting them to understand what has been right in front of them for over 50 years, that they have been hypnotized not to be able to see, and get them to understand something as simple as boiling water as the foundation of a global system that they would have never dreamed possible in a thousand years. No small challenge indeed… but I’m making it as easy to understand, as is possible.

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