Windows 10 The Operating System That Is A Virus Loaded On You Without Permission

Written by JayWill7497


The Windows 10 operation system is openly collecting more data than ever before and is modeled on what is already being done to Mac users.

The Windows 10 down-loader was hidden in critical updates and followed by the operating system which is now downloading into computers without consent or permission from many users.

This operating system skips OS #9 – there is a reason and OS 10 is a milestone in the complete decimation of our privacy and rights. reports:


I don’t doubt that Windows 10 is a fast and stable Operating System when it comes from a clean install. It’s probably better than the misguided Windows 8, which seems to have been all about forcing people to buy a new touch-screen computer. At least Windows 10 harks back to Windows 7 more. I’m using Windows 7 on my work PC right now and, frankly, I’d rather have that for everything. Having Microsoft make important decisions about my privacy, security and choice of software means that there’s a big trust issue with this ‘new’ operating system (not helped with its online integration) that might not ever be overcome. And what other, sneaky privacy issues are being buried deep in the terms and conditions?

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