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CROOKED HILLARY EXPOSED – Donald Trump Lays Out The Truth & Exposes Crooked Hillary Clinton

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Google says it’s not deliberately filtering “Crooked Hillary” suggested search to favor Clinton Google offers an autocomplete suggestion of “Lying Ted” for “lying” but fails to do similar for Clinton, raising questions. Compilation of Trump calling out Hillary Clinton ‘Crazy’ Bernie, ‘goofy’ Biden or ‘crooked’ Hillary?

Brace yourself, America – the Democrats may be about to pull Hillary Clinton from the 2016 presidential ticket. And that could mean it’s “Biden Time.” Hillary Clinton regaining a solid lead over Republican Donald Trump. Clinton is backed by 46 percent of likely voters, while 35 percent back Trump. Clinton’s 11-point lead is a sharp reversal from last month, when Clinton and Trump were tied.

Bernstein said the former first lady’s problems are “about lying” and called her actions “reckless.” Bernstein also added the explosive claim Democratic Party leaders are “terrified” Hillary’s campaign “is in freefall.”

From 1993 to 2001, Alexander Cockburn and I wrote dozens of articles on the political corruption of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their cronies in DC and Arkansas. In many ways, those years represented the golden age of political journalism, with a fresh scandal ripening  each month. As Hillary cruises toward the Democratic nomination, if not the White House, it’s time to dig into the Clinton Files and resurrect the stories of sleaze, malfeasance and transgression from that feculent decade. polls suggesting Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton nationally and for the first time during this campaign RealClearPolitics ‘tracker’ has Trump with a 0.2pt lead – the unofficial “death cross” of Clinton’s campaign as Wayne Allyn Root right remarks “Hillary is sinking faster than the Titanic.” Voters are putting their money where their polls are too as bookies odds of a Hillary victory in November are tumbling.

Meanwhile, Democrats are beginning to dare to hope that the continuing FBI investigation of Hillary’s emails will trigger an event which will force her to step down from the presidential race providing an excuse for Vice President Joe Biden to emerge as a last-minute candidate. They are hoping this because they believe, probably correctly, that Biden has better prospects against The Donald. Still the longer this takes to happen, assuming it happens at all, the longer The Donald has to build momentum. The stories about Bill’s reckless and possibly criminal behavior keep popping out of the closet. First there’s the beautiful blonde “friend” who got $2 million from the Clinton Global Initiative and another $800,000 in government contracts with Bill’s help. Don’t we all wish we had friends like that?

I’ve always predicted Obama would prefer Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren as the nominee, or the combination of Biden/Warren. He may yet get his wish. But this much I know:

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