GIANT Black Triangle UFO Recorded Moving Over The Moon & More!

Written by JayWill7497


Coming directly from secureteam10 Youtube channel. secureteam10 quoted from their facebook page states:


Hey guys! We are Secureteam, your ONLY source for alien & UFO related videos, leaks and data. Join the research group that broke the boundaries of underground reporting and continues to expose the government’s cover up of the alien phenomenon daily. Feel free to contact us via the links below, and be sure to visit our Youtube page for only the best in newly leaked footage and information. ‪#‎KnowTheTruth‬

In this video a large UFO was caught on video while video imaging the moon. The UFO has a triangular shape. The original video is a bit fuzzy (below) due to atmospheric distortion, but many of the still frames from the original video show a defined triangle shape craft.

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