An Earth Without Humans: Apocalypse Or Blessing For The Planet? Watch This Video

Written by JayWill7497

How accurately would this formidable but hypothetical future occur?

earth without humans video

Earth with no humans. We have in all probability all thought about it at one time or another. And cheers to recent trends towards the post-apocalyptic, specifically in Hollywood, we have the graphic images that give us an suspicion of the aftermath.

But how precisely would this formidable but hypothetical future occur? At this moment, a video traces the timeline of this future, starting with the minutiae of the first hours and days after humans disappear, and leading all the way up to a radical forecast for 300 million years later.

This long perspective of the aftermath of an instantaneous mass disappearance of the human race, raises one root question: ‘Can our planet do perfectly well without us while we depend entirely on it?’ Would the incident of a total human apocalypse spell a happy future for the planet?

Watch the video:

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