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United States Police Academies Are Under Investigation

Written by JayWill7497

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Here is an excellent question:

When did the law enforcement go from a person who swore to ‘serve and protect us’, to the terrifying, sadistic, robot-like, savage abuser who will beat, cripple, shoot and perhaps kill an innocent civilian.

Even our animals at an instant?

Not one yet “2” police academies were suspended over a video displaying what a number of people are referring to as “excessive force train in.”

Police Cadets are being trained to elbow men and women in the throat and punch them in the face, tough enough to knock them to the ground.

Stuff like that!!

The Daily sheeple notes:

The Texas Commission of Law Enforcement suspended both the Lower Rio Grande Development Council Regional Police Academy and the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office Training Academy while they investigate the allegations of excessive force shown in the “cadet training”
And they call this a “peace officer” course.

There is a big difference amongst offensive measures and defensive measures.

These measures don’t appear to be defensive measures at all.

Defensive would certainly advocate protecting one’s self via attacking, definitely not attacking others.

Come on, let us be honest.

If you did not know this was a ‘police cadet training video’ when you watched it, the entire thing would probably appear to be like a few chunky dudes smacking people around; and educating them how to be ‘playground bullies.’

The Lower Rio Grande Development Council professed the video took place “during a defensive tactic training session,” and “for the purposes of cadet instruction and feedback.”

Nonetheless immediately after assessing this practice, and as an effect of this event, this approach won’t be utilized in the future.

To put it differently immediately after it, this embarrassingly comes to light with video evidence.

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Go to think, they are educating ‘would-be cops’ to be brutal bullies skilled in the use of offensive unnecessary force.

they will not be making any more videotapes for feedback (which can be used as evidence) in the future.

Not that the exact practice of training ‘would-be cops’ to be ‘brutal bullies’ skilled in the usage of excessive force will probably be in in any manner ceased.

No recognized classes are going to be started until eventually the investigations are determined.

The Sheriff’s Office training academy was suspended impending an individual investigation.

Needless to say , facts encircling precisely why that is has not been introduced to the public, means it is in all probability even more intense than the video.



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