Wow! Heads Up: Asteroid 2016 LT1 Makes It’s Closest Approach To Earth JUNE 7 2016

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Tomorrow on June 7 2016, asteroid 2016 LT1 will make very close approach to our planet earth of only 0.4 LD away wow. It measures 7 meters wide.Scientist coded the space rock 7 on 9 a risk highly uncertain for any impact.

A 8-meter wide asteroid is set to pass between the earth and moon on June 7, but scientists say it is of no threat to Earth.
Asteroid 216 LT1, which was first observed on June 4, 2016, will pass within 0.4 lunar distances (the distance between Earth and the Moon) of Earth.

While confirming that the asteroid is not a threat to Earth, scientists say that if the asteroid were on course to impact earth it would cause a multimegaton atmospheric explosion over Earth’s surface, rather than impacting it.

It potentially would be quite damaging (and even lethal) out to distances of 10 to 20 kilometers in all directions if it happened over a populated region with weak structures.

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