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SHOCKING!: NWO Reportedly Tracking People From Their Tattoos? WTF?


The FBI is developing software that is designed to track individuals by their tattoos and link them to people with comparable tattoos.

Based on exploration unearthed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the FBI and several government scientists are working together on a technology system developed to track tattoos.


In 2014, the Image resolution mentor-ship of the the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST, developed the Tattoo Recognition Technology with assistance from the FBI.

Among the group’s original projects is the creation of a database obtaining approximation 15,000 tattoo graphics in an endeavor to build recognition codes.

The strategy was designed to track people primarily based on characteristics.


In accordance to NIST, tattoos advocate association to gangs, subcultures, religious or ritualistic beliefs, or political ideology.

Coupled with “containing intelligence; messages, meaning and motivation.”

This is what has the EFF extremely bothered, because of doubts about ramifications adjacent to “free expression, religious freedom, and the right to associate.”

Another major concern the organization is surrounded with is just how the data was received.

According to the EFF, the first wave of images collected, “many, if not most” were obtained from prisoners.

With the NIST seeking to construct the database to in excess of 100,000 images, the program is expected to increase by ‘leaps and bounds’.


Which brings to the surface, the mark of the beast is defiantly in the works, It is no longer heresay.

The New World Order is around the bend.

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